Coronavirus Has Led Educational Institutions To Organize Online Classes, But Are They Ready?


The global epidemic has affected the teaching process as well as other aspects of life. It has attracted all educational institutions to online education. Educational institutions that adopted co-education. They easily managed to launch full online classes. However, those institutions were reluctant to use technology. They suffered numerous complications.

Solution to Online Education:

The solution to online education is not only a traditional classroom and online net meeting program. Rather, it is about empowering teachers and students to create a fully integrated classroom environment.

The first challenge with these educational institutions is not to use technologies such as the Campus Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and virtual classrooms, and to use and train the employees and teachers of these educational institutions. This is a very important process. Technologies like LMS are designed to empower teachers. So that they can provide education in a more attractive and student-friendly environment.

Educational Opportunities for Students:

Today’s digital generation requires a diverse teaching process. So that they provide them with maximum educational opportunities, and create eagerness and curiosity within the students for educational promotion. The current education system depends on the preferences of the teachers, while the education system in the present age is in dire need of change according to the needs and mental maturity of the students.

Technologies should never be seen as a substitute for teachers. Rather, there is a need to bring teachers up to international standards by training them in the use of technologies. In fact, the use of technology makes teaching and learning easier and more convenient. In the education system, scrutiny and accountability become easier and more transparent.

Teachers who use technologies, have effective communication with your students, which improves the education system and is very useful for students. We tell our students to “always seek knowledge and never stop learning.

Why Should The Teaching Process Never Stop In Life?

There should be a better learning environment so that they can continue to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. In the modern education system, students can also upload their work after receiving their assignments on LMS. Teachers check and release the results only on LMS. Students can contact teachers at any stage. Seek immediate guidance. Teachers can also issue student grades based on results. Called “Grade”, “Learning Outcome” or “Row Break”. In this way, students, teachers, educational institutions, and the Department of Education become connected to an integrated system.

Online Education Policies:

In all these circumstances, the introduction of a uniform curriculum is very welcome and hopeful. The government should implement it without any pressure. But at the same time change the educational approach. So that the nation of ropes of grades and grades can truly understand education, and benefit from it. Along with the curriculum, guidelines should be issued to teachers on how to present lessons and what their goals and objectives should be, as well as introduce a fair monitoring system, which is set. Ensure policy implementation. If the government succeeds in achieving this goal.


Educational institutions must adapt to modern requirements as well as strive for full-time promotion and development. In order to raise the standard of education to the highest level. We expect that this article will be read and understood in its true spirit by the next generation of students and teachers as a low-level effort to bring the teaching and learning system up to date with modern requirements.


Education – Society and the Role of the Teacher


As times change, so does the role of each individual in society. Some people’s responsibilities increase and some people’s limitations increase. Our society once gave the teacher the status of spiritual parent and at that time the teacher was given this status. During this period it was also played cheerfully. Unfortunately, over time, the student’s character and mood changed, but the basic definition of the teacher was not distorted. The cruelty was that the teacher’s stomach could not be filled with spirituality, so the teacher turned spirituality into a stick and at the same time took the path of practice so that he could also feed his wife and children.

Importance and Need for Basic Education:

Nations around the world are realizing the importance and need for basic education and are preparing their teachers for the changing times. But sadly, even in the 21st century, our education system is not ready for a fundamental change. Our public school teacher is still convinced of the need for poles. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that our teacher tries to overcome his inner fear and lack of competence with the help of sticks. This is not a strange thing, every incompetent person roars at the other to hide his shortcomings!

The Teacher Has To Do More to Convince Himself:

An important component of teacher training is to give them a proper understanding of their role. In this day and age, the word teacher is not the end! Rather, in today’s world, the teacher is the target. Probably never before. The role of the teacher has now changed. Now he can be a leader for his students, but not necessarily a role model. He could tell the students, but not persuaded. He can then guide the student. But can’t force yourself to follow.

In an age when the student has more intelligence and more resources than the teacher. But our society is not ready to give any such role to the teacher. Society wants a lot from the teacher but does not want to give him the bread of honor twice. In a society where the teacher could not take the place of hiding his head from his salary, and could not feed his children. The teacher cannot be the leader in this society. In a society where the teacher’s words have no weight, you cannot develop a teacher. That is why we lack not only leaders but also followers. Leaders will not exist unless they are imitators. And unless there is a leader, there will be no followers!

The Force in the Hands of the Leader or In Other Words the Force.

We urge our children to imitate the force of the stick. These children go ahead and take the stick in their hands! Therefore, our nation has neither leadership nor ability but the passion to be a leader, which is the way we are giving to the children of our nation. They are robbing us of incompetent politicians, the army, the bureaucracy, the police, the doctors, and the teachers. Deterioration is increasing from generation to generation. But not willing to pay any attention to the basic unit.


If society is to be right, then we have to focus on the basics. We have to re-train our teachers. Our teachers have to be ready to play the role of a team player and team leader. Our society must give the teacher its due and the teacher must also understand that the word spiritual parents is so good in the books. But now the teacher has to change his role, understanding the demands of the time. If the teacher today adapts himself to the role of role model and leader, then the students will automatically adapt to the role of follower.


Children’s Character Building


As important as the role of parents is in the training and character building of children, so is the role of teachers. Parents and teachers are responsible for building children’s morals. Parents and related relationships teach children empathy, love, truthfulness, good manners through their actions, respect for others, and protection of their own and others’ honor. So that the dream of an Islamic welfare developed society can be embarrassingly interpreted.

The Role of Parents in Characterization of Children:

Dear readers of the template! These views were expressed by the speakers while addressing a seminar on “The Role of Parents in Characterization of Children” at Kotham School and College, to which Raqam was invited as a special guest. The guest of honor was a well-known motivator, Usman Hadi. The special message of Director Kotham College Ahmed Shafiq and Kotham School Principal Samina Shafiq was read out by Senior Teacher Madam Zarina. Addressing the seminar, I said that parents themselves should stay away from these superstitions in order to prevent their children from backbiting, gossiping, lying, stealing, depriving others of their rights, and other moral evils. So that the child learns from your actions, the mother plays an important role in the training of her children, the moral attribute that she will create in him will be hers and the evils that she will prevent will become a part of her caste.

Use the Latest Technology in a Good and Positive Way

Teachers along with parents also teach children wholeheartedly. Teachers should not use mobile phones while studying, as the teacher’s job is to educate and train the children. It is important to improve the quality of education, that the teacher is respected in society. The quality of teacher selection should also be strict. So that amateurs and those who work in private companies to pass the time are discouraged. Because nowadays the role of the teacher in training children is decreasing. While parents place more importance on teaching children quotations after school, due to which the child spends eight to ten hours a day with his teacher, unfortunately, education has become a business in our country.

We Could Not Agree On a Curriculum and Means of Education

The country has a class education system, which has made the education of rich and poor different. Due to the commercialization of education, the lack of moral training in children is evident, to reduce which it is necessary to set a government curriculum, and parents and teachers have to work together to build the character of the child. The mother educates her child in the light of Islamic teachings, in time this child becomes a useful member of Islamic society. Leading motivator Usman Hadi said that in order to create love and desire for education in children, we have to train them on the right lines by looking at compassion and its tendencies.

The Mother Has a Huge Responsibility to Train Her Children Well

Good thinking, good manners, and character of the mother provide a good basis for the child. While the mother has been given priority for the training of the child, the role of the father cannot be forgotten. This includes keeping the home environment free of gallstones and other unwanted things, including smoking. The child’s mind is a transparent mirror. Parents are the most important factor in making him human.


Does Your Child Go To School?

Do your children or siblings go to school? If the answer is yes, then let’s consider a few questions.

The First Question Is Do They Go To Public School Or Private School?

I think the middle class is using social media. Hardly any of these children or siblings go to public school. Now think about it, why did you choose a private school instead of a government school? Is it because enrollment in public schools was completed and your children could not get admission there or is it because you are not satisfied with public schools and this dissatisfaction leads you to private schools?

Your answer will surely be, that your distrust led you to it. You were not satisfied with the government institutions, so you are paying the fees of private schools by cutting your stomach in the world of compulsion. Now two more questions arise here.

The first question is whether you have ever made any effort to improve government institutions at the community level, have you ever met a delegation of elders from the neighborhood or the city to meet the officers of the Department of Education, or have you ever had your counselor, your chair Man, your mayor, you have made a demand individually or collectively that you have some reservations about our public educational institutions, listen to them and their We have a plan for improvement, think about it? Why do you make scholarly comments on world affairs from morning till night, but you have never paid attention to such an important, serious, and fundamental issue?

Have You Ever Tried To Find Out What Is The Standard Of Education Of The Teachers Who Are Teaching Your Children In Expensive Schools?

The second question that arises here is, did the mistrust of government schools take you to a private school, did it decrease after you got there, and are you now confident that your child is getting a good education? Everybody knows about public institutions, if there is such an educational capacity then a teacher will be appointed, but what is the standard of private institutions. Have you ever asked this question and has any school ever written such a detail in a child’s diary and sent it to you? Do you know how many times teachers change in a private school session, and are you told why this happens and what are the reasons? Have you ever looked carefully at your child’s diary, how many mistakes teachers make in a sentence written in the diary? Have you ever considered these reasons?

Do You Ever Pick Up A Baby’s Bag And Find Out Its Weight?

This bag contains educational materials or this child is burdened with the business interests of this school. What is the reason that the children of prep and nursery also have to take books two or three times a year in the name of the session and the curriculum changes after half a quarter? Have you ever wondered why private schools do not allow notebooks and copies to be taken from the market and they have taken the responsibility of printing it themselves or have given it on contract, so what is the reason? Is it all their sensitivity in the field of education promotion or is it something else?


Now consider another question. Choosing a private school instead of a public school is not a sign of inferiority hidden in your subconscious, what will people say if their child attends a public school? Otherwise, do you think that going to a place where children of laundresses, carpenters, cobblers, laborers, barbers, etc. study, can affect your child’s “class”? Just as our ceremonies from weddings to birthdays have been shrouded in frivolous and shameful fabrication, so can our collective sense of inferiority no longer allow our children to go to government schools?


A New Form of Early Childhood Education Around the World


“When children are born, they do not know any concept of race, nationality, or citizenship. These are social formations,” says Andreas Schleicher, Director, and Directorate for Education and Skills for the OECD in Paris. Early childhood education and care is the first opportunity to introduce children to the diversity of society, and their experience has shown that “then in life, these attitudes can have a profound influence and attitudes, and their confidence in social institutions.

Early Childhood Education and Care

According to the new OECD report, key OECD indicators on “Strong Start 2017: Early Childhood Education and Care”, some countries are conducting this process well in other countries and as a result, see a “The very slight impact of children’s social and foreign backgrounds on their learning and social outcomes.”, The difference is huge and Schleicher’s study clearly explains the difference educators and parents can make.

Does Early Childhood Education, and Immediate Care or Stop Learning?

What are the best practices? How are international communities doing in terms of children changing from early childhood education to primary school? To learn more about new research on early childhood education around the world, Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome Andreas Schleicher.

Why Do We Pay Our Youngest Children’s Teachers So Much Less Time Than We Pay Our Oldest Children’s Teachers?

Many parents would prefer to spend time with their children. Hence the home school choice. In fact, many children participate in home-based settings and some of them are of excellent quality. But it is very difficult to scale to provide such high-quality settings. Over the past year, we have learned a lot about how children learn and what they learn best at what stage of their development, and how much more difficult it is to educate our youngest children. People’s work is made.

The report calls for better transitions from early childhood education and care schools. How do we change this work in practice?

Why do primary school teachers in the first year teach their pre-primary teachers a lot, which they know very little about?

The simple answer is that we always do it that way. We can do a lot better and that’s important. The first year of life lays the foundation for future skill development and learning and investing in high-quality early childhood education and care pays huge profits in terms of children’s long-term learning and development, especially the most deprived ones. Most countries recognize this, and this is reflected in the steeply rising enrollment and spending figures that our indicators expose.

Why do we pay our youngest children’s teachers so much less than we paid our oldest children’s teachers?

However, the benefits of early learning may fade during the first year of primary school if the transitions between early childhood education and care and primary school education are not well developed, or continuity in quality is not ensured in primary education For so many children, the transition from the last period of early childhood education to the beginning of primary school is the first experience of a major cultural change.


In the people around them, the ways in which they interact, their number of peers, the types of activities they engage in, and their physical surroundings. It often gets complicated by fragmentation in services. Difficulties involving all relevant actors, a weak collaboration between stakeholders, and simply poor knowledge management across institutional boundaries.


Teacher and his responsibilities


Quality education is a prerequisite for a quality of life. This condition is necessary for the individual as well as for society. The quality of education is determined by the curriculum. However, a good teacher has a crucial role in shaping the overall personality of the students. The teacher’s job is not just to make students aware of certain facts and to pass on certain information.

Its duty is to build the personality of the students, to nurture their colorful abilities, to instill wisdom and wisdom in them, and to make them a dynamic and useful member of society. In order to fulfill this responsibility, it is necessary for the teacher to build an intellectual and ideological bridge between the students and the social requirements so that in the changing world the students are equipped with the skills that guarantee a life full of struggle.

Change Is the Greatest Reality of This Age:

The changes of this era have also had a profound effect on education and the education system. The current era has been extremely fast and rapid in terms of change and transformation. Globalization has overtaken the idea of ​​self-sufficiency. International companies (MNC’s) have transformed the whole world into a single market. Today, the need to strike a balance between individual identity and the collective approach is greater than ever.

A Link Between Knowledge:

The pace of advancement in knowledge is so rapid that it has become difficult to maintain a link between knowledge, learner, and teacher without fundamental changes in the methods of acquiring knowledge. In today’s world, it has become necessary to master the methods of acquiring more than acquiring knowledge. Filling every gap between knowledge and action has become one of the basic duties of a teacher. In a changing world, the protection of national heritage and values ​​has become a new educational need. The teacher of this era has to play the role of not only the classical teacher. On the contrary, in view of the changing social requirements, it is time to include innovation in our strategy.

What is Democratic Method of Teaching?

The democratic country needs the teacher to be constantly engaged in the formation of democratic temperament and training of a democratic lifestyle. Although it is difficult for a teacher to establish harmony and coherence despite criticism and disagreement, it is an essential duty, which can be disastrous. There is a lot of diversity and differences in Indian society, but there are also elements of tolerance. India’s identity is rooted in the Garden of civilizations only because of the spirit of tolerance and harmony. It is the duty of the teacher to make the students aware of this feature.

Responsibilities of the Teacher:

Due to the fundamental changes taking place in the field of education, the responsibilities of the teacher have also become wider and deeper. As a result of making primary education compulsory, children from disadvantaged sections of society have also started reaching out to schools. Not only has the number of students increased, but the first generation of many families have been exposed to education. The difficulties, needs, temperaments, problems, and desires of the first generation are different. Therefore, this generation has become a challenge for teachers. Motivating this class of impoverished students in teaching is a difficult issue that requires different teaching methods.


The scope of knowledge and the constant increase in the treasury of information has changed the nature of the teacher’s responsibility. Now the teacher is not just a means of providing information. Rather, introducing students to new ways of acquiring knowledge so that students can access the information on their own has become part of the teacher’s duties. The teacher of this age has to teach the students how to get information without any helper. So that the door of attainment is open for all ages of the student.


Seven Effective Methods of Comprehension


Comprehension Strategies are undoubtedly the result of conscious planning. These are based on a few guidelines and steps, which will not only enable the reader to master their reading, but also make them aware of the hidden symbols and metaphors in the text. The seven textual comprehension strategies outlined below have been helpful in fostering purposeful, active, and systematic study in students.

Monitoring Comprehension

Understanding textual comprehension refers to focusing on points during the study for which the lesson or text is being studied. Equipped with comprehension monitoring, students become consciously aware of aspects of comprehension, comprehension, and acquisition during the study. Even before studying the content, the article, and the text, they know the learning outcomes of the content and text. In addition to this, they also get acquainted with the strategies and their proper use in solving the problems and difficulties in understanding the books. According to educators and psychologists, it is impossible to develop active, controlled, and acquired learning in students by following the helpful guidelines in monitoring comprehension from the earliest levels. By following the guidelines for monitoring comprehension, students become aware of the comprehensible points of the text.

Identifies the incomprehensible points of the text. They also become familiar with the difficulties in understanding and the effective use of supportive strategies in overcoming them.


Metacognition refers to thinking about thinking. Good readers use metacognition strategies to reflect and control their study. Not only are they familiar with the study objectives before the study text. They also take good precautionary measures. In addition to monitoring their comprehension during the study, they work to determine the appropriate speed of the study in order to determine and correct comprehension problems in the text. Readers with metacognition also arrange for post-study comprehension of the material read. Students can use a variety of strategies to monitor comprehension.

  1. Identify areas where problems are encountered in the study text.
  2. For example, “I did not understand the second paragraph of page number 88.”
  3. Identify what difficulties you are having during the study.
  4. As if I didn’t understand the author’s words, “Arriving in Europe was a milestone in my grandmother’s life.”
  5. Write difficult parts (paragraphs), difficult sentences, and words in your simple words and sentences.
  6. Like, “Oh, the good writer says, coming to Europe was a very important event in his grandmother’s life.”
  7. Look at the back of the text for a better understanding

The author talked about Sultan in the second chapter, but I don’t remember much about it. Maybe, if I re-read this chapter, I would know about Sultan’s revenge Why is he behaving like this? ”

  1. Reading the next part also helps in a better understanding of the text.

As it is written in the text, “Groundwater forms streams or ponds or forms wet areas.” People can also bring groundwater to the surface. But I don’t understand, how do people do that? ”, Oh, bringing good groundwater to the surface means the way water is brought into the bowls. I will study in the next section. So that I know how to do it. ”

Graphic And Semantic Organization

In a graphic and semantic organization, the relationship between concepts and concepts is clearly presented using diagrams, such as maps, graphs, graphs, charts, frames or clusters, etc., which are called graphic and semantic organization.

Regardless of the labeling of the different parts of the images and sketches, the graphical and semantic organization allows the reader to focus on other concepts associated with the images and sketches. Graphic and Semantic Organization helps students to read, understand texts, pictures, maps, and sketches.


Teachers continue to help students until they become accustomed to applying the strategy. Effective text comprehension can be made possible through cooperative learning. Understand the overall instructions and texts provided and formulate strategies. In addition, teachers can help students develop effective textual comprehension and cognitive abilities through their role models and demonstrations.


Schools, Books and Children


Schools, books and children deserve the most attention. In developed societies, more attention is being paid to them. But in our case, most of them have been treated and are being treated with contempt. Schools are training grounds, and the lessons learned here are lifelong.

The book is a pioneer of light. It enlightens children with knowledge and awareness, and guides children to move forward in life and children are the future of every nation. The country and the nations develop from them, and the future and the present are in their hands.

Secret to Success

The nation that pays attention to these three, success kisses their steps and the nation that turns away from them. She is always enslaved and humiliated. If we look at the developed nations, the credit for their success can be seen in the attention paid to all three of them and the countries that seem to be enslaved. In their inferiority, the cause of inattention to these three is visible.\

Quality of Education

Unfortunately, Asia is also ruled by people who are occupying schools and books and darkening the future of Asian children in their greed for money. These people have turned into a mafia, which includes government officials, elected public representatives, school administrations and large book printing companies. These people have become so bold, that they expose corruption in public and are so strong that even those who take action on their corruption take it easy. These mafias are so powerful that they can change even the chairman of a textbook board with a single call. It looks like the institutions and officers whose job is to improve the quality of education in Asia. They are the ones who are destroying the system, whose responsibility it is to improve the condition of the school and provide a clean environment to the children.

Corruption in Schools and Books

These stories of corruption in schools and books are now becoming popular everywhere. Talks are happening, news is also being published. Columns are being written, but not in stagnant water. The institutions that should take action on corruption are silent. What is dearer to them than the children of the nation is that the money spent on school and books is being looted, and all eyes are closed.

DFID funds for the betterment of schools and children

A handful of people who are counting the huge amount of money received from the British institution DFID are going to sell their books with the connivance of the top officials of the Punjab Schools Department. But no one takes notice. Look at the extreme shame, that other nation’s institutions are giving aid for the betterment of Asian children and we instead of working for the betterment of our own children. They are bent on consuming money.

DFID provided funds for the betterment of schools and children in Punjab. Look at our greed, that the money we spend on our children is being sacrificed to corruption.

Why Not A Hearing For These Publishers?

The Department of School Education ignored all the big and small institutions and favored its approved publishers in such a lavish manner. Add four books of one servant and hundreds of books of each institution. And the rest of the helpless little publishers who print a little, but standard and corrective books. Those who are circling the offices of education every day. Are these games of destruction wrought by corruption? It is a well thought out plan, if not then how can there be silence.


Who will stop the game being played in the destruction of schools, books and children in Asia? Will Asian children go away from school and books because of the mafia or will their future ever be bright?


Education of Children: Basic Matters


An important area of ​​children’s education is the training they receive from their families. The most important aspect of this training is related to the behavior of parents, especially mothers, with their children. Here are some basic points in this regard:

Basic religious education:

Children should be introduced to the basic teachings of religion from an early age.

Ethical training:

Attempts should be made to inculcate high moral values ​​in children from an early age because childhood habits become mature as they grow up, so it is important to teach them the truth, honesty, bravery, kindness, respect for elders, neighbors from an early age. Better conduct, respect for the rights of friends, and help deserving people should be made to possess high moral qualities, then they should be strictly protected from bad morals such as lying, stealing, abusive language, and misbehavior. Get accustomed to hard work from an early age and keep away from luxuries and comforts.

Physical training:

Parents should take care of their children’s physical development, diet, and rest and make them accustomed to exercise. Every effort should be made to meet physical ailments and legitimate needs.

Four basic things parents should avoid:
  1. Humiliating behavior:

This should be done with patience and perseverance instead of showing haste and haste in reforming and training children. Avoid insulting or humiliating children.

  1. Excessive punishment:

It is wrong not to punish at all and to punish too much. Treating children with love. Moderation is necessary for both these attitudes.

  1. Unconditional pampering:

Fulfilling every desire of children, unnecessary pampering makes them stubborn and self-centered. Moderation is essential.

  1. Prefer children to each other:

It is un-Islamic to give preference to one over two children or boys and girls in the same household, leading to many psychological disorders and extremism and revenge. Such patient behavior must be avoided.

In addition to these principles, there are some practical steps that parents can easily follow:

  1. Spend as much time as possible in your family, especially with your children. Arrange your financial struggles and other activities in such a way that you must spend some time with your family. It is the responsibility of both the fathers to place the entire burden of training on the mother. It is a proper and unreasonable way to get acquainted with the activities of the children in the madrassa, the company of friends, etc. Pass.
  2. To make children accustomed to hard work and toil, make them accustomed to moderate quality of life, so that they may experience the hard work of a normal human being.
  3. First of all, out-of-pocket expenses should be avoided and such needs of the children should be met on their own, and if out-of-pocket expenses are given to the children, then it should be made a matter of discipline. From an early age, I developed a habit of frugality, saving, and avoiding unnecessary expenses and developed a sense of responsibility.

Parents want to comfort their children, but from the beginning, they want to relax without any effort. It can be a serious joke with their future, as well as moderation in spending on their clothes and shoes, as the educational institution has students from different economic and social backgrounds, thus making them undesirable. Competition can be prevented.


Difficulty Reading and Child Abuse


There are some videos on the internet in which teachers are abusing their students while teaching. They are asking children to read from the book, but the children are not being read correctly, as a result of which they are being beaten by their teachers. These include school teachers and teachers of religious seminaries. Instead of harassing the children, the teachers became angry and started torturing them for not reading the book properly. If we try to find out the reasons why children can’t read correctly, then they don’t get beaten up.

What is Dyslexia?

Scientific research and anthropology have discovered that some children do not read correctly, due to a condition called dyslexia, which can be called “difficulty reading and writing.” This condition makes it difficult to read and write correctly. Dyslexia affects the areas of the brain that process the tongue. People with dyslexia have difficulty reading and writing correctly. Children who are bullied by their teachers for not taking lessons may also have dyslexia, so they need attention and help. Dyslexia is an inherited condition that is passed from parents to children, and it is present at birth.

How to get Rid of this Disease:

If anyone is having this problem, don’t worry, you are not alone in the world, this problem is found in 10% of the world’s population. It is more common in boys than in girls. Such children are not affected by intelligence and do not have any mental problems, and they can lead a normal life.

Many people in the Swedish royal family have difficulty reading and writing. Sweden’s wealthy Carl Gustaf also suffers from this problem. Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip are suffering from it. His mother was Queen Sylvia, who noticed the problem in her children at an early age. Princess Victoria says: “We were lucky to have our mother in the beginning and she was very supportive, which helped us a lot. Many great people in the world are suffering from this problem, but they overcame it and earned their name and fame.

How to Treat These Type of Children:

Teachers and parents should be aware of the plight of these children, and should not treat them harshly. Rather they should help. Society should be aware of this and if someone is facing this problem, they should be treated with empathy, instead of making fun of them and hurting them. They should not be asked to read aloud and if they make mistakes in reading, they should be treated with love and affection. If someone has difficulty reading and writing, it is better to answer the questions orally. Similarly, if there is difficulty in writing the answer, then the answer can be given orally. Don’t punish children for forgetting books or sports equipment.

Such children should not be ridiculed and words like lazy, stupid, incompetent, and dull-minded should not be used for them. Give these children less writing work and they should get more time in exams than other children. In Sweden, such students are given more time in exams than other students. These children should not be asked to write on a board or read a text from a book. Audio and visual books are useful for them instead of reading and it is easier to write from a computer than to write.


Therefore, these resources should be used. With these steps, we can better help people with dyslexia, and also create a better place in the race for life. To this end, there should be awareness campaigns at all levels in educational institutions and society.