Why Do You Want To Go To A Fashion School?


Fashion designing is a hobby, but nonetheless, career demanding. So, if you are thinking of joining the fashion industry, you need to be doubly ready to enter any field of fashion. So, be it designing or selling clothes for sale, studying at a famous school will positively influence and promote your fashion design career.

However, let’s see why you want to study in a fashion school and how our rankings were compiled.

A Brief History of Fashion Designing:

The beginnings of fashion designing began in 1826. Charles Frederick Worth is thought to have been the world’s first fashion designer between 1826 and 1895. Charles, who was the first draper, founded a fashion house in Paris. He was the one who initiated the idea of ​​fashion houses and was telling his customers about such clothes, which would suit them.

At that time, a good number of design houses developed clothing patterns to hire artists. Samples will be presented to clients, who then place orders if they like. During this time the idea of ​​offering samples to customers and then sewing them instead of the first system, under which the finished garment will be presented to them.

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing can only be defined as ‘fashion making garments’. However, with the passage of time, the idea of ​​’fashion designing’ has attracted towards other things like fashion items like jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. Considering the evolution of fashion designing, it would not be wrong to define it as ‘fashion creation’.

Who is the fashion designer?

A fashion designer is someone who tries to design clothes that are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. They consider who is likely to wear the dress and the situation in which it will be worn, and then they will work in a wide range of materials, colors, patterns, and styling.

A fashion designer is responsible for creating the exact shape of an individual’s clothing, which includes the shape, color, fabric, trimming, and other aspects of the whole.

The fashion designer starts with the idea, how the dress should look. It transforms the idea into a design (such as a sketch) and explains how the design should be made into a piece of clothing for other workers (from pattern makers to finishers).

Why study fashion?

Fashion designing suffers a lot after a career. There are many people whose goal is to top the list, but not everyone can go up the ladder of success. Therefore, to be successful in fashion designing requires a lot of skills. So, if you want to survive in this industry, you have to be the “best”.

What difference does it make to be a fashion designer?

Many fashion designers receive their training through fashion design programs in college or university. Some go to schools dedicated to the study of fashion design. While other traditional colleges take oriented programs. Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree degrees in fashion design are accessible. Some schools even offer MBA programs that focus on the business of the fashion industry.

Acquire Basic Skills Before Applying:

People who want to enter the fashion design program are often expected to acquire basic skills before applying. A fashion program expects prospective students to present their portfolio and pass design and sewing tests when they apply. Designers can teach these skills to themselves or take classes before college to acquire these skills.


In fashion design programs, students learn about textiles, sketching, sewing, dropping, and pattern making with the help of CAD software. They also learn about fashion history, trend forecasting, and the fashion business. Students can create their own collection as a senior project. The combination and other work of the students can be a valuable addition to the designer’s portfolio.


Tips For Finding Your Own Style


Finding your personal (fashion) style is like finding your permanent signature. But, on a deeper level, you need to connect with who you are, map out your likes and dislikes, and discover a lot of other basic factors. Which you usually consider unimportant to reach a conclusion about your style. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you like it. We all have a special sense of dress. We want to give trends a unique spin, and it naturally comes from who we are. This is an exciting workout that you can do yourself to connect with. Also, strengthen self-confidence. I’ve done it, and I’m glad I did it. Let’s see what it takes to understand your personal style and find it.

Tips for finding your own style

  1. Know your body type:

Knowing your body type probably starts where everything starts. No, not because of the physical nature of what you should wear. It commands, but because you know what kind of clothes will look good on you naturally. It’s like identifying your strengths and building on them.

  1. Scan your closet:

Scam through your closet and spend a day with your closet. Take a look at the clothes you have bought in the last few years. Which clothes you have repeated the most. Unopened piles, pointless shopping, things you want to wear or fit one day, are all stories. Tell, and needless to say, the most frequent dresses point to this style, which you like.

  1. Gather your eyes:

Take a short walk to Memory Lane, and create a folder with pictures of the past. Pictures of yourself that you like the most, the clothes you wear most often, and so on. It gives you an idea of ​​what you want. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

  1. Think of your style symbol

Who is the one person, alive, dead, and famous or not, who thinks of you as his ‘personal image’? It tells a lot about you. Who you are, who you like, and what you want to look like. Well, not often, it happens.

  1. What affects you?

Bohemian chic, eugenic, classy and feminine, athletic or casual? This is probably the easiest way to find your style. We all have a natural relationship in a certain way. Sometimes we know it somehow, and sometimes we need to hear it from someone. Either way, think about it. Do you like to go-to jeans, sled shirts, Converse shoes, and light make-up to meet a friend, or are you all about being prime and fit? This should be your next purchase decision.

  1. What are your favorite colors and combinations?

Are you all print, color, and everything animated? Do you like quiet and minimal grayscale outfits? Or, you’re all about low-key beauty with a slightly intoxicated palette.

  1. What accessories do you prefer?

Do you like a piece of necklace or large earrings or both? Is fine jewelry your thing? Or, a bare neck with sticks on your ears, and a watch? Accessories are a huge part of this puzzle and say a lot about your personality.

Your personal style reflects who you are. Take the quiz, it’s a fun way to get started. What makes it clear to you, except what someone else thinks about your styling. Bring it to the fore and play with it.


How To Become A Fashion Model In Paris


Some things are more interesting for a model than working in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world, the city of light, Paris, France.

Known for the most glamorous and famous fashion houses, such as Chanel, Jesus Saint Laurent, Louis Watton, Christian Door, Hermes, Lonely, and Christian Louboutin, the ultimate and most famous for all professional models modeling in Paris Is the destination.

Figures For Fashion Models:

Figures for female models in Paris (measurement) should be 5 to 9 “in length (5’10-5’10% better) with a break of 34-23-33, waist and hip measurements. Male models should be. Wear jackets at least 6 ‘to 6’ 2 “and 38 to 40 regularly. Designers can make your dress into a size or add a pattern size. Models should fit the fabric that designers make each crop instead of another season. The number of items produces a designer for each collection, it would be impossible for the designer to fit each outfit to each model.

Age Requirement:

The minimum legal age for any type of work in France is 16 years. Top modeling agencies in France will get special licenses for nurses, but 16-year-olds have incredibly hard-working hours. Therefore most agencies will not get baby models that are born in countries outside of France.

Learn Style, Class, And Mitigation:

Paris is not a market for brand new models who need to acquire them or build their own books. The models have worked in Asian Tokyo, such as Tokyo, Singapore, or Taipei for a while before trying the Parisian state-of-the-art market. Other good markets before heading to Paris will be Germany, Milan, London, and even Australia. Once the models have learned the basics of this industry, they are now ready for the ultimate destination of Paris, where they will work for the most glamorous and modern clients.


Unlike every other modeling market, models in Paris are considered more employees than independent contractors. Models are paid every month (like salary) and if the client does not pay then the model is still paid.

Because France is a socialist country because there are so many taxes. The models are about 33% net of their gross revenue. For example, if the model has a job book for $ 1000, the model will receive $ 300. There is a twenty percent reduction for agencies commissions and the rest is tax. Part of the tax money goes to unemployment, health insurance, and pensions.

High taxes and agency commissions are another reason why one should not go to Paris to learn the business as it can be a costly lesson.

Arriving in Paris:

Don’t expect the agency to pick you up at a fancy limousine or meet you at the airport. Agency models in Paris expect to gain some experience and become professionals. So they expect to take you on their own from the airport to the agency or from the apartment.

Travel And Accommodation Expenses:

Some companies may offer model airline tickets and increase the price of the apartment. However, the model will be expected to pay the price once it starts working. Models should expect to pay for their airport ticket and accommodation expenses as well as food, subways, taxes, and tests.

Work Visa Requirements:

The model, which is Canada, the United States, and many European countries, does not require special visas or work papers for France. The agency will have to file government forms for international models, but this will not affect the models in any way.

Signing An Agency:

If you have to make this fashion model in Paris, then you really want to plan a complete career and work with a manager or a good “mom agency”. A good mom agent will know, who the best agency for your particular look is and how to manage and manage your career for a long time. If you find out, that if you have it in Paris becomes a model, or you need a good place to start


List Of The Best Fashion Design Schools In The World


If you are interested in a fashion career and you are looking for the right schools, the choices can be devastating. Here is a list of the best schools that offer fashion designing in the world. To help you, the World Scholarship Forum has ranked the best schools in the world.

Although we are transparent about the steps used to compile this list, you must use it for your research. This is not the standard of any school program. We encourage you to focus less on strict classification orders and more on the individual characteristics of each school.

List of the best fashion schools:
  1. Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York is one of the best fashion schools in the world. The school is a hub for fashion, business, design, marketing, and technology.

It is part of the State University of New York (Sunny) and offers programs related to the fashion industry. The Institute prides itself on having the best access to networking with industries and platforms around the world. It is part of one of the largest comprehensive university systems in the United States. FIT’s strategic location, New York, one of the world’s leading fashion capitals, is another advantage for its students.

  • 2 Parsons School of Design, New York

Included in the world’s top fashion schools. The Parsons School of Design in New York is a private art and design school. The school’s location and modern curriculum allow its students to collaborate with peers, industry partners, and communities around the world to develop their skills and knowledge.

  1. Central St. Martin’s, University of the Arts London, London.

Central St. Martins or CSM is a dark public art school in the fashion capital, London, a stylish city in the world. A circle college at the University of the Arts London. CSM offers a variety of full-time courses in subjects ranging from seed to postgraduate level. These include local styles for drama, fashion, art, higher education, architecture, and interior design, to name a few.

  1. London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

The London College of Fashion (LCF), the University of Arts London’s top-ranked fashion college, is the only college in the UK to specialize in fashion education, consulting, and research. The college offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in fields ranging from fashion business to fashion curation. The college has produced renowned designers, including shoe designer Jimmy Choo and fashion designer William Tempest.

  1. Aalto University of the Arts, Design, and Architecture, Finland

Located in Finland, Alto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture is a renowned school of fashion and an excellent choice. Basically, this school of art and design is for you. If you want to explore Nordic and Scandinavian fashion, commonly known as Scandinavian fashion, and create your own separate collection. The industry is known for excellent collaboration, research activities, and challenging programs. The school’s educational programs are provided by 5 departments.

  1. ESMOD International, Paris

Located in Paris, the Ecole Supreire des Arts ET Techniques de la Mode or ESMOD is one of the ‘Big Four’, considered a private French fashion school for over 173 years. ESMOD has five schools in France and 13 schools in more than 20 countries. The school offers various programs in Fashion Design (ESMOD) and Fashion Business (ISEM).

  1. Polymoda, Florence, Italy:

The top fashion league ranks among the top 20 in the world through tables. Polymoda is a private fashion school in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. The school offers a diverse program at the undergraduate and master’s levels. In addition, extensive seasonal programs are also offered during the fall, winter, spring, and summer. These programs are basically under four branches. Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Art Direction, and Design Management.


The Cost Of American Reunion Looks Like Today


American Pie was released in 1999, and quickly became a popular classic for high school and college students around the world. The high comedy style of the film was a special hit. Never before has a comic film about the teen center pushed the boundaries. Due to the success of the film, three sequels were released over the next decade. American Pie 2, American Wedding, and finally, American Reunion, released in 2012.

Ali Coburn:

Ali Coburn is a 28-year-old actress from Chicago. She appeared in the Showtime series Luck, which debuted in 2010. Her role as Kara in American Reunion was her first real film role, in addition to the smaller independent roles. She is a classically trained boleroina and had actually competed in the Junior Olympics before running her acting career full time.

Allison Hannigan:

Alison Hannigan has enjoyed a very successful career as an actress. Getting his big break as Willow Rosenberg on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Elson acted as the weird Michelle in American pie films. To recap her inspiring experience, she starred in the cult classic television show, but I met your mother as Lily.

Jason Bug:

Jason Bug plays our main character Jim Lewinstein in all American movies. The 39-year-old starred in the Netflix original hit Orange the New Black, where he played Piper’s stranger husband, Larry Bloom. According to just a few small television and movie characters for next year, Bug is spending most of his time as a husband and father. He and his wife, Jenny Mullen, welcomed their first son in 2014 and recently announced that they are looking forward to it again.

Tara Red:

Tara Reid is probably the most recognizable face of the American pie franchise. Sadly, her rise to prominence as an actress had to do less with her abilities and more with the numerous bottle-making cosmetic procedures that completely changed her image. Tara said that she was suffering from anxiety and depression due to the negative feedback she received after the surgeries.

Jennifer College:

Who can forget Jennifer College, who played Stafler’s mother? In the most “memorable” scenes in the first American pie, she set the example of the hot mother all over the world. Although she is best known for her roles in the series, she has played a recurring role in the TV show 2 Brooke Girls. He also starred on the street throughout the sixth season. She has more acting experience under her belt than most of her co-stars.

Eugene Levy:

The most successful actor in American pie films so far is Eugene Levy. Although he played a relatively small role in all the films, his humor really took the films to different levels of humor. As Jim’s father, he kept us in the dark with his seemingly naive attitudes about teen life. Her career has grown since 1969; with nearly 5 decades of working under her belt, she is a household name in Hollywood.

Chris Klein:

Although Chris Klein has appeared in comedies in several teen centers, he is best known for his role as Oz in the American Pie series. His first major film role was in the 1999 election, where he played Paul alongside Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. A few months later, American Pie was released, and Klein immediately gained notoriety. Although he is nationally recognized as the face of Oz, he has not had much success in future film projects.

Thomas Ian Nichols:

Thomas Ian Nichols, who played Kevin in the American Pie series, went through the biggest change of all. Growing a beard basically makes him look like a completely different person. Although he has enjoyed many different places of acting, he is now more interested in establishing himself as a musician. In 2008, he released his first album without warning. Since then, he has released an additional four records and has even appeared on the Blues Traveler album Blue up the Moon.


M Is For Masculinity, Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week


Milan had just concluded its Fashion Week for Men a few days ago. From 10 to 14, different designers were able to present their specific styles as well as the new trends of the year 2014. Four major international fashion weeks (called the Big 4) are held annually at the Semi. Fashion Week is First New York Fashion Week, then London Fashion Week, then Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. Because these shows are held semi-annually, the first set of runway shows takes place in the fall/winter season in February / March, and the spring/summer shows take place in September / October.

These are the top three designer trends, which caught our eye at Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week.

Medieval Destruction (Dolce & Gabbana)

Italy’s luxury fashion house has come up with its own idea about winter men’s clothing. Dolce & Gabbana is headed by Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Through the use of warm fabrics, wool, and yarn, as well as deep rich colors such as dark blues and purple, the designer duo managed to bring their ideology of medieval courts to life on the runway after the Norman Conquest. Many models wore sheepskin coats and skinny pants. Along with clothing, they also received royal accessories ranging from gloves to crowns.

Cowboys Bikers or Baker Cowboys? (Versace / Philip Plain)

“Our shepherd is Machu Picchu, he’s a biker. He doesn’t have a horse,” Italian label chief Donatella Versace told the AP backstage. Denim was a centerpiece of her men’s collections. They were skillfully fit and sharp with cactus plants and horseshoe accessories made of the rhinestone. A leather jacket, like the leather jacket shown on the runway, will cost about $ 6000 from Versace. For the full effect of his vision of ‘Western Cowboy’, his show included paired print underwear with leather shops.

Equally impressed by Western Machiavelli’s imagery is Philipp Philippe Plain, whose show included many lassos, cowboys, and saloons. The main item of clothing included motorcycle jackets (approximately $ 500) and crocodile bomber jackets (approximately $ 85,000). With a mechanical bell and a live-action gun between these models, Plain articulated his vision of a “noir cowboy”. The most surprising aspect of his show was that a female rapper, Angel Hose, continued to perform. Although the links between RAP and Western countries are not clear. Both genders experiment with the thematic themes of power, control, and power. With their cowboy-themed shows, it’s clear that both Versace and Plain are imagining a powerful, dominant figure for men’s clothing in 2014.

Rock Stars (John Varvatos)

Demonstrating a surprise on the runway for John Varvatos is the legendary rock band KISS. Members are huge fans of Varvatos’ work. The show featured leather tight pants and leather boots. With these items, the model wore the same make-up as the KISS wearer with bold state jackets (worth more than $3,000). Using darker colors, many of the works of Varvatos feel timeless and easy to create. They offer a breakdown attitude. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. At the same time, the details that go into its various pieces show how precise and sophisticated each item of clothing is. The offer is clear: Varvatos is portraying a reckless man who knows how much power he is using while walking on the runway.


Fashion Collaborations You Need To Know About


In recent years, the collaboration of fashion has become huge and exciting. More and more retailers are designing high fashion brands or A-list celebrities for them. The next great collaboration is revealed while designing them in fashion.

Not surprisingly, when brands like H&M meet with the likes of Carl Lagerfeld, Versace, or more recently Isabel Marant, people line up overnight to get their hands on a piece with limited edition collaboration. Take. Ultra Lux allows brands to bring their designs to the public in conjunction with more affordable retailers, enabling those who spend less to get a little taste of luxury.

Luckily for us, 2014 is bursting with amazing design pairs, from high-end to extremely affordable. Every season to stay fashionable for a long time, you find everything to learn about the biggest collaboration of fashion or to hit the stores soon.

Valentino Garvini for mansions:

They are your summer flip flops for parading on the sandy beach or taking a walk down the boardwalk on a hot night. But now, Brazilian-born women are receiving a fashion twist for their spring / Summer 2014 collection, thanks to the legendary Italian fashion house Valentino. Find this brand’s signature roots (from their famous rock stud shoes) lining flops with a bright camouflage-style base or choose their more subtle color design.

Eddie Dos Originals for Top Shop:

Top shop sportswear is taking to a new level with its recently launched, Eddie Dos Originals partnership. This spring, it looks like we’re trading for sweat and shoes, putting something in our clothes and high heels. The sports brand’s signature and their three stripes can be found on almost all collaboration items, from simple tanks to pullover sweaters and high-top shoes. There are 20 Sporty Fish pieces in this collection, but if you want to get your hands on some things, act fast. The line arrived in mid-March and is already on sale.

Ricardo Tuskey for Nike:

Gionchi’s Ricardo Tusky, who has reportedly been wearing the same Nike-style shoes for over a decade. Celebrities like Connie West have been at the forefront of their shows. But it’s not enough. Now, he is improving his design game with a special line of kicks for Nike. Named Nike + RT, this collection is divided into two different styles. In white and black, inspired by Nike’s classic Air Force One shoe. The shoes come in low blood, mid-top, high top, and boot variations.

Farrell for Adidas:

This has clearly been a busy year for Adidas based in Germany. As mentioned, she didn’t work with Top Shop on a line of women’s sportswear, having recently snatched producer, singer, and fashion designer, Farrell Williams for her next collaboration. . Although collaborative details are not readily available. However, Williams’ Adidas Originals line will launch sometime this summer and the pieces will include its own eco-friendly fabric company, Bionic Yarn Textiles, which transforms plastic debris from sea to clothing. Can’t wait until summer? Friel’s Unico collaboration, which began in mid-April. Until then it can help you.

Zoe Deschnell for Tommy Hilfiger:

You may know her as the sweet and quirky Jess from New Girl, but Zoe Desaniel is adding fashion designer to her long list of compliments, which already includes songs and a share of the successful website Hello Jiggles. Founder included. The actress has teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger for a capsule collection, which will debut in April. This collection consists of 16 dresses between d 98 and 199.

Mariamko for the Republic of Bananas:

In May, Finnish textile brand Mariamko will put its signature samples on the republican banana classic, All-American Design. You may know them for their prints, but the brand first became famous in the 1960s after Jackie Kennedy wore a series of Mariamko designs during the presidential campaign. And now they’re getting almost 25 pieces of Republican bananas: maxi dresses, playsuits, tunics, and accessories. These range from a single color to a technical color palette that is perfect for summer.


Bad And Ugly Fashions


Kim Kardashian began appearing more frequently on our television screens in 2007, when she and her family landed their own reality television show, Capping Up Kardashians. Since the 33-year-old reality TV star is just famous for being famous. Therefore, for its success, it is necessary to look good at any moment. Kim wears the latest fashions, keeps her body in perfect shape and when filmed or photographed, she is always at work. However, it may not shock many fashionistas that her desire to be stylish fails and fashion wins. This is a list of Kim Kardashian’s good, bad, and ugly looks over the years.

Marine Rope Body:

Kim Kardashian wore this white and gold body dress made of rope to a yacht party in Cannes, France in June 2014. The dress outlined her famous curves, while her sleek ponytail and smoky eyes were fine enough to look shiny. Also, the bonus for keeping the yacht party theme indicates less.

Pair the vintage Elijah dress with one cropped tortilla.

Kim Kardashian hit him right outside the park with this vintage Ilya dress, which was paired with the Kardashian Collection crop turtle he wore in March 2014. The top of the crop rests on the thin part of its back body. Elijah Heels and Clutch also pulled out a stunning outfit. We can also agree that the color of the joint definitely matches its beauty, the brass skin tone. Overall, the look was elegant and delicious.

White bodysuit and blue jeans:

Kim Kardashian played it in May 2014 with a white long-sleeved bodysuit, jeans, and gold heels. Although it looked easy, it was perfectly fit and Kim still looked like a star in simple jeans. He wisely decided to wear a bodysuit instead of a white shirt, as the bodysuit did not carry a knot, it would collide or bulge.

Linen Strapless Dress:

Kim Kardashian wore blue and black strapless linen at the 2014 Met Gala. Paired with striped black heels, minimal make-up, and side-loose curly hair, the look was positively beautiful. The organization also ranked Kim Kardashian in several of the best lists for the 2014 Met Gala.

Black Pearl Necklace:

Kim Kardashian wore a charming mermaid-style dress with lace-capped sleeves to the 2012 Golden Globe Awards show. The dress hugged Kim in the right places and the pile of hair and glam makeup behind her made this look an absolute winner.

Stent Caramel Leather Dress:

In March 2013, Kim Kardashian was apparently dressed in a caramel-colored leather jacket. Along with the dress, she paired the sky-high black heels and a black leather jacket. Kim was five months pregnant at the time, and although she was still trying to maintain her trendy image, the look didn’t go away. It was a fit and certainly not the right dress for a pregnant woman.

Mustard jacket:

In December 2013, Kim Kardashian wore an oversized mustard-colored jacket, a black leather miniskirt, and black cut-out high heels while she was out. Below the hips, the dress looks nice, but the domineering spicy colored jacket completely erases it. When we decided to put this dress together, we wondered what she was thinking.


Top Best Selling High-End Polo Shirt Brands


Play tennis, golf, or polo using outerwear with long sleeves and buttons all the way down to the bottom. It was very cumbersome and impractical. So she turned to design polo shirts. It had short sleeves and a starless collar made of woven cotton. It was smart and comfortable, and it made playing games much easier.

Since then, various companies have taken up the idea of ​​lacost to make their own brand polo shirts. Here are now the best-selling high-end polo shirt brands.

Kent Wang:

Kent Wang is a modern haberdasher, who not only sells polo shirts. It also sells suits, outerwear, shoes, socks, cuff links, and links. The company was founded in 2007 in Austin, Texas. It is committed to producing high quality and classic men’s clothing with timeless design and styling.

Jay Press:

Press has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. It was founded by Jacobie Press in 1902 on the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Although the New Haven Store is the company’s largest company. Jay Press also has branches in Washington, DC, New York, and Cambridge in Massachusetts. It is the first brand in the United States to be licensed in Japan. When it entered the Asian market in 1974. A Japanese clothing company called Anward Kashima now owns the company.

Tham Brown:

Tham Brown is a New York City-based men’s clothing line. Brown himself worked for well-known brands such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, in which he led the creative development team. In the corporate world, when business casual wear began to become more acceptable, it developed its own brand. Her designs are unique and she has won two awards from GQ Magazine and the American Council of Fashion Designers.

Paul Stuart:

Paul Stuart is a clothing store, founded in 1938 in New York. It was founded by Ralph Astrow, a hairdresser, who decided to name the brand after his son, Paul Stuart Astrow. While New York is still its largest store. The brand also has locations in Chicago and Japan. After buying Paul Stuart in December 2012, a Japanese company called Mitsui now owns the brand.

Grape vines:

The brothers’ Shep and Ian Murray founded Grape Vine in 1998. The company originated in Martha’s Vineyard, although it is currently located in Stoke ford, Connecticut. Although this brand was first known in relation to relationships. She has since added polo shirts as well as belts, hats, shorts, and even bags for adults and children. It has 22 stores, eight outlets, and 97 retailers.

Brooks Brothers:

The Brooks Brothers have been around since the 19th century. It was founded in 1818 in New York, making it the oldest chain of men’s clothing in the United States. It is known for its inventions in the garment industry, which includes ready-made garments. Which he first introduced in 1859, wearing a shuttle sweater, argles socks, and a wash and shirt. The company prides itself on being an offering to the US president, and 39 of the 44 people occupying the White House have served. Ralph Lauren actually started as a salesman for the Brooks Brothers.

Hugo Boss:

Hugo Boss is a German luxury fashion house. The brand is named after its founder, Hugo Boss, who founded the company in 1924 in Metzgen, Germany. The company has various brands of menswear, including Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange, Boss Green, and Hugo Menswear. With sales of 6,102 points, it now has a presence in 124 countries of the world. The company itself owns 364 retail stores. It is also open to franchising, the franchisees have more than a thousand stores. The company manufactures its products in its native Germany, as well as in Cleveland, Izmir in Turkey and Rhodom in Poland, and Morvallo in Italy. It employs 10,000 employees worldwide.


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