Imran Khan warns govt against bloodshed

PTI Imran Khan Announces to End sit-in in view of Peshawar Tragedy

Imran Khan warns govt against bloodshed

ISLAMABAD, Aug 21 (Online): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has warned government against bloodshed after reports that the government has decided to launch a crackdown on PTI workers in the federal capital.

“Do you want clash between peaceful protestors and police because they are demanding freedom… Come and hit me with the first bullet,” says angry Khan while addressing participants of the sit-in.

Imran Khan warns govt against bloodshed

Calling Nawaz Sharif a coward, Khan said that the prime minister want to save his chair by hiding behind the parliament and fake people.

“My dear Pakistanis! Today is the day of test for you, I am addressing the working class, the youth of Pakistan, the policemen and all walks of life… I need nothing, God has bestowed me with honour which could not be gained by becoming a prime minister…”

“Im speaking of your future, if you succeed in today’s test none can stop formation of new Pakistan, but if you worshiped the idol of fear… God wards off a believer’s fear… so get rid of your fear if you want independence,” said Khan in his typical style.

“If any of my workers was injured, I will chase him in every corner of Pakistan, I will die but will not spare IG Islamabad,” he warned.

“We will fight them, if they fired on us. Islamabad police can’t stop us,” he said.

Khan claimed two lakh supporters would join him in Islamabad, where he is leading thousands of his workers in a protest sit-in to topple PML-N government, demanding installation of interim government.

Cursing the government in strong words, Imran raises his call for civil disobedience yet again.

Our demand is that Nawaz Sharif must resign….our talks have ended and they want to talk again."

"Nawaz should resign because the man who orchestrated the biggest electoral robbery in this country cannot deliver justice," Imran said."

"I will not leave before you resign…I appeal to Supreme Court judges to take notice of the containers that have been placed," he said.

"If the judges want to go to the Supreme Court and they are encountering problems, then we will facilitate them."

He urged people to join PTI’s ‘civil disobedience movement’ and not pay utility bills and taxes to ‘paralyze’ Nawaz government.

“Stage protest demonstrations in your cities, wherever you are… Come out of your homes, come here to join me in Islamabad, remove containers from your ways.”

Khan claimed that PTI workers would remain peaceful and non-violent throughout the protest.

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