Imran vows to lead workers towards Red Zone today

Imran vows to lead workers towards Red Zone today

Imran vows to lead workers towards Red Zone today

ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (Online): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan Monday announced to lead his supporters into the red zone of the capital city to stage protest in the ‘fake’ (National) assembly and ‘fake’ Prime Minister House today (Tuesday).

Addressing the participants of Azadi March here, Khan said that civil disobedience movement was a peaceful weapon to win freedom. This movement will bring Nawaz Sharif on his knees, he said.

Imran vows to lead workers towards Red Zone today

“Promise me that not a single pot will be broken and you will remain completely peaceful,” he took a pledge from the participants of his party’s sit-in, being staged fifth day on, by asking them to raise their hands.

The red zone houses Supreme Court of Pakistan, Parliament House, Prime Minister House and other important buildings including embassies of various countries.

“I don’t want you to come in confrontation with the police. I will lead you and you will follow me. I will take the first bullet,” Imran Khan said, adding, ‘we will stage a peaceful protest first in the fake (National) assembly and then in the fake Prime Minister House’. 

However, he said, he was sure Pakistani police will not open fire on him. He warned that in case some ‘Gullu Butts’ picked up arms against his supporters, they will not find any place to hide anywhere in the world. 

The PTI chief also warned the police not to take any such step that may lead to a chaos.

He invited men, women and children from across the country to join the tomorrow’s peaceful protest demonstration. 

Defending his decision to launch a civil disobedience campaign, Imran Khan termed it a ‘best weapon’ to attain ‘Azadi’ (independence) in a peaceful manner.

“In case Nawaz Sharif gets scared and takes a flight to Raiwind, we will still be able to bring him to his knees through civil disobedience, we will still be able to topple his government,” he argued. 

He said he and people like him remained slaves to the rulers like the ones in power today but he would never want the future generations to face such slavery.

Imran Khan questioned on what merit the Prime Minister had appointed his close relatives on lucrative positions. “What is the qualification and merit on the basis of which Nawaz Sharif placed his daughter on Rs100 billion fund?” he asked. 

“What kind of democracy it is that is not based on merit; this is a fake democracy,” he reiterated.

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