M.A./M.Sc Part I/II Date sheet Annual 2012 University of Punjab

M.A./M.Sc Part I/II Date sheet Annual 2012 University of Punjab

Date & Day Subject Paper Computer Code Time: – 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
July, 2012. 20th, Friday Applied Psychology I I-N1 I-N1I Historical Foundations of Psychology (Old Course) Contemporary Schools & Perspectives in Psychology (New Course)
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies I I Theories and Practice of Diplomacy
Economics I I-N Microeconomic Theory
Gender Studies I I Introduction to Gender Studies & Women’s Movement
Kashmiryat I I-N History of Evolution of Kashmiri Prose
Mass Communication I I I I Language and Communication (English Medium Candidates) Language and Communication (Urdu Medium Candidates)
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management I I (A) Database Management Information System & Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
Psychology I I-N History of Psychology
Social Work I I-N Social Case Work
Urdu I I Urdu Shaeree Classici Ehd Main
23rd, Monday Arabic I I Tatbeeq Alqawaid Alarabia (Old & New Course)
Chemistry I I Physical Chemistry (Old & New Course)
English I I Classical Poetry
Geography I I-N Geographic Thought
Mathematics I I Real Analysis (Old & New Course)
Persian I I Dastoor–e- Zaban-e- Farsi Wa Tarjama
Philosophy I I History of Modern Western Philosophy
Physical Education I I Philosophy of Physical Education and Recreation
Physics I I Mathematical Methods of Physics
Political Science I I Western Political Thought
Punjabi I I Classical Poetry
Statistics I I Statistical Methods
Social Work II II-N Social Group Work
24th, Tuesday Archaeology I I Ancient History of Pakistan and India
Fine Arts I I History of Muslim Painting with Special Emphasis on Mughal Painting
French I I Culture et Civilization
History I I-N Early History of Islam
Islamic Studies I I Al-Quran-ul-Hakeem
International Relations I I-N Introduction & Issues of International Relations
Space Science I I-N Mathematical Techniques & Quantum Mechanics
Zoology I I (A) Biochemistry
25th, Wednesday Applied Psychology II II-N1 II-N1I Research Methodology and Designs (Old Course) Research Methodology and Research Designs (New Course
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies II II Theories and Dimensions of Strategy
Economics II II-N Macroeconomic Theory
Gender Studies II II Women in Religions’ Perspectives
Kashmiryat II II-N Classical Kashmiri Poetry
Mass Communication II II II II News Techniques and Traditions (English Medium Candidates) News Techniques and Traditions (Urdu Medium Candidates)
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management II II Forestry and Ecology
Psychology II II-N (A) Psychological Testing
Social Work III III-N Community Development and Organization
Urdu II II Afsanvi Nasr, Drama
26th, Thursday Arabic II II Al-Insha Wa al Mohadisa (Old & New Course)
Chemistry II II Inorganic Chemistry (Old & New Course)
English II II Drama
Geography II II-N Economic & Commercial Geography
Mathematics II II Algebra (Old & New Course)
Persian II II Nasar-e-Classic-e- Farsi
Philosophy II II Muslim Philosophy
Physical Education II II Movement Education (Basic Concepts)
Physics II II Classical Mechanics
Political Science II II Muslim Political Thought and Institutions
Punjabi II II Nasar Qadim tay Jadeed
Statistics II II Probability and Probability distributions
Social Work IV IV-N Social Research Methods
27th, Friday Archaeology II II Field Archaeology
Fine Arts II II Techniques of Painting
French II II-A Techniques d’expression orale Ecrite
History II II-N Research Methodology and Historiography
Islamic Studies II II Al-Hadith-ul-Sharif
International Relations II II-N International Relations Since 1945
Space Science II II-N Meteorology & Climatology
Zoology II II (A) Cell & Molecular Biology

Date & Day Subject Paper Computer Code Time: – 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
July, 2012 30th, Monday Applied Psychology III III-N1 III-N1I Psychological Testing and Measurement (Old Course) Psychological Assessment (New Course)
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies III III Research Methodology
Economics III III-N Mathematical Economics
Gender Studies III III Gender Issues in Psychology & Health
Kashmiryat III III-N The Political History of Kashmir
Mass Communication III III III III Designing of News Pages (English Medium Candidates) Designing of News Pages (Urdu Medium Candidates)
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management III III Integrated Watershed Management
Psychology III III-N (A) Research Methodology
Social Work V V-N Introductory Economics for Social Workers
Urdu III III Asaleeb-e-Nasr-e-Urdu
31st, Tuesday Arabic III III Al Nasar Al-Hadith (Old & New Course)
Chemistry III III Organic Chemistry (Old & New Course)
English III III Novel
Geography III III-N Geomorphology
Mathematics III III Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry (Old & New Course)
Persian III III Shair-e- Classic-e-Farsi
Philosophy III III Moral Philosophy
Physical Education III III Sports Medicine
Physics III III Quantum Mechanics
Political Science III III Comparative and Developmental Politics
Punjabi III III Deen tay Tasswauf
Statistics III III Design and Analysis of Experiments
Social Work VI VI-N Sociology of Culture and Social Institutions
August, 2012 01st , Wednesday Archaeology III III Ancient Art and Architecture of South Asia before Muslim Invasion
Fine Arts III III History of European Painting
French III III (A) Initiation a la Linguistique
History III III-N State and Society in Muslim India 1206-1707
Islamic Studies III III Comparative Study of Religions
International Relations III III-N Theories & International Relations
Space Science III III-N Digital & Analog Electronics
Zoology III III (A) Genetics and Biostatistics (Weightage 3:1)
02nd, Thursday Applied Psychology IV IV-N1 IV-N1I Foundations of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology (Old Course) Abnormal Psychology (New Course)
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies IV IV Dynamics & Issues of International Economy
Economics IV IV-N Statistics for Economists
Gender Studies IV IV Status of Women in Pakistan Politics, Law and Media
Kashmiryat IV IV-N Geology and Geography of Kashmir
Mass Communication IV IV Media History
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management IV IV Mountain Environment
Psychology IV IV-N Abnormal Psychology
Social Work VII VII-N Human Growth and Behaviour
Urdu IV IV Tareekh-e- Zuban-O-Adab-e-Urdu
03rd, Friday Arabic IV IV Al-Nasar Al-Qadim (Old & New Course)
Chemistry IV IV IV IV-1 IV-2 IV-3 (i) Biochemistry } (ii) Analytical Chemistry } Old & New Course (iii) Applied Chemistry }
English IV IV Prose
Geography IV IV-N Climatology & Oceanography
Mathematics IV IV Mechanics (Old & New Course)
Persian IV IV Adabiyat-e-Maasir-e-Farsi
Philosophy IV IV Problems of Philosophy
Physical Education IV IV Psychology Sports
Physics IV IV Solid State Physics-1
Political Science IV IV International Relations
Punjabi IV IV Special Mutalia Waris Shah
Statistics IV IV Sampling Techniques
Social Work VIII VIII-N History and Philosophy of Social Work
06th , Monday Archaeology IV IV Ancient World Civilizations
French IV IV (A) Theorie et Pratique de la Traduction
History IV IV-N Muslim Struggle for Pakistan 1858-1947
Islamic Studies IV IV Islamic History
International Relations IV IV-N Foreign Policy Analysis
Space Science IV IV-N Remote Sensing & Image Processing
Zoology IV IV (A) Physiology

Date & Day Subject Paper Computer Code Time: – 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
August, 2012 07th, Tuesday Applied Psychology V V-N1 V-N1I Applied Statistics in Psychology (Old Course) Applied Statistics in Psychology (New Course)
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies V V Strategic Issues of Pakistan Foreign Policy
Economics V V-N Islamic Economics
Gender Studies V V Research Methods I & Information Technology
Kashmiryat V V-N Kashmiri Linguistics and Language
Mass Communication V V National and International Affairs (NIA)
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management V V Soil and Water Conservation
Psychology V V-N Statistics in Psychology
Social Work IX IX-N Social Statistics & Computer Application
Urdu V V-I – Farsi Zuban-o- Adab Ka Khususi Mutalaa, – Arbi Zuban-o- Adab Ka Khususi Mutalaa
08th, Wednesday Arabic V V Al-Adab Al-Deeni (Old & New Course)
English V V American Literature
Geography V V-N Quantitative & Research Methods
Mathematics V V Topology and Functional Analysis (Old & New Course)
Persian V V Naqad-e-Adabi-e- Farsi
Philosophy V V Logic
Physical Education V V Science of Track and Field
Physics V V Electronics
Political Science V V Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan
Punjabi V V Tareekh Adab
Social Work X X-N Gender & Development
Zoology V V Developmental Biology
09th, Thursday Archaeology V V Palaeography, Epigraphy, Calligraphy and Painting
French V V-1 Option-I: Didactique du F.L.E. OR Option-II: Francais des Professions.
History V V-N Govt. & Politics in Pakistan 1947-1999
Islamic Studies V V Arabic Language & Literature
International Relations V V-N International Law
10th, Friday Applied Psychology VI VI-NI1 Social Psychology (New Course)
Economics VI VI-N Major Issues in Pakistan Economy
Mass Communication VI VI Communication-1
Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management VI VI Mountain Hazards & Disaster Management
Physical Education VI VI Theory of Games
Psychology VI VI-N Social Psychology
Gender Studies VI VI Gender & Human Rights
Zoology VI VI (A) Animal Diversity and Wild Life (Weightage 4:1)

Note: –Dates for the Viva Voce of the Dissertation OR Thesis will be communicated to the candidates directly by the Chairmen/Head of the Departments concerned.

Candidates are directed to note the following instructions:
  1.  Roll Number should be written only on the right hand top corner of the title page of the Answer Book and not at any other place.
  2. Answer Book number should not be written inside the Answer Book.
  3. Marks of identification should not be made anywhere in the Answer Book or on the title page.
  4. Any material relevant to the Syllabus should not be taken while entering in the Examination Hall.
  5. No appeal be made to the Examiner in the Answer Book.
  6. Obscene language should not be used in the Answer Book.
  7. No one shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall before first one hour is over. If any one leaves after one hour or before half the time is over, he/she shall not be allowed to take away the Question Paper.
  8. Un-authorized change of centre is strictly prohibited. If any one change his/her centre of examination of his/her own, un-fair means case will be registered against him/her. Similarly no change of subject is allowed unless permitted by the University.
  9. No one should appear in the examination without getting his/her Roll Number Slip.
  10. The candidates are allowed to use scientific calculator only which should be without Mini-computer.
  11. The candidates are not allowed to bring mobile telephone set in the Examination Hall.
  12. Unfair means cases shall be registered against those who will violate the above or such other instructions as are issued.



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