Stunning Pieces from Horani’s Couture Show


Never be complacent, always looking for new challenges, Red Horani, 31, is already one of the most beloved cutters and is strongly associated with the birth of unisex fashion in modern hot couture circles. . Monochromatic, androgynous collections present a wonderful, somewhat disturbing statement of their creator. Although “unisex” is the most commonly used term to describe the style of Horani, it would be better qualified as androgynous.

Its combinations can be worn not only by men and women. Rather, they completely ignore sex as the basis of fashion design. Horani creates a world in which no one knows gender, religion or time. She uses the best quality materials, and every piece of it is carefully implemented.

As Horani Explains On His Website:

Although more sensational than its last show, the combination of straight lines, simple geometric shapes and the unconventional shape of the dress is still there, explaining Cochrane’s signature. As Red Horani said in an interview with Fashion TV, this whole black stock looks simple, but it’s extremely complex. In another interview, he explained his preference for black. Because “it’s eternal, it’s weatherless, it looks small. Everyone looks better in black. Their two favorite fabrics, crochet de soy (silk crepe) and leather are often used.

Couturier’s Dress:

This black pair consists of an overlap leather cropped vest, which has a leather braid belt, zipper panel paint and a maxi coat. All these pieces are replaceable, they can be worn separately for different occasions, and combined with other costumes.

Good to know:

Born in Jordan, Horani moved to Montreal with his family in 1998 at the age of 16. He started working as a stylist after graduating from high school. After 5 years of styling experience in Montreal, he moved to Paris in 2005 to face new challenges. Her fashion career officially began in 2007 with her first unisex fashion show. The show was such a success that it continued to present its RAD Unisex line in Paris and New York, including 20 ready-to-wear sets as well as limited edition and special pieces.

Random Maxi Coat:

Random maxi coat surrounds the figure, below we see a simple elegant top and an overlap skirt. This unisex ensemble is perfect for creating a mysterious, extravagant and slightly distinctive image.

Currently, more than 130 stores in 30 countries are fortunate to present their designs to “anti-conformist individuals” ready to taste the new trends of Haute Koch. Most recently, in January 2013, Horani became the first formally invited member of the La Chambre Syndicate de la Haute couture in Paris. In France, the term “haute couture” is protected by law, and the La Chambre Syndicate is responsible for regulating the field of fashion. And it determines, which fashion brands can be considered the true hot couture house.

One of the most used clothing elements of the Captor:

The unisex zipper panel is rolled into painted leather, which includes a two-layered cutout vest. One of the most salient features of this stylish style combination is that it relates to the silence of strict geometric lines and lines.

The young couturier knows his market. Its customers are mainly from the United States, Canada and the Middle East. And she values ​​her customers’ opinions, saying her clothes make her feel luxurious, powerful, timeless and free. Special pieces can start at 10,000, and can go up to $ 25,000 or more. However, on the official page of the RAD line Unisex, it is possible to find more affordable dresses and even limited edition designs. Prices on the website range from $ 200,000 to $4,000 per item.

Flop Maxi Coat:

A model’s ankle-length flop maxi coat. Timeless, another masterpiece of unisex beauty. The advanced quality of the fabric, like all other pieces, makes it pleasing not only visually but also on a small surface.

Horani intends this collection for those who want to keep a piece, which they can keep in their closet for a lifetime, who are against the changes of fashion. All offered pieces are laminators, giving their owner lots of options.


Rappers Who Are Dealing With Their Own Shoes.


These days, fashion brands are catering to the resettlement of youth. It is becoming more difficult for them. Trends come and go very fast. And it has become quite common for a brand to just fall off the radar and lose all its customers, clients, and revenue. Because of this, many large companies often rely on those who influence the culture of youth to maintain the cool element of their brands.

How much influence they have on young people. Because of this, it is often demanded from rappers, and it is given secret deals. In the next article, we list the rappers. Who has been tapped for senior deals by some of the world’s largest companies?


Chains is a perfect example of this, what it means to be associated with your career. For so many years they have been struggling in the industry to make a name for themselves as part of this duo. Please circle. There was a time when it was contracted with rapper Ladokars who sold platinum. But he blew up the same sign in 2010 with the title “Spend It” and has not looked back since.

Earlier last year, 2 Chains teamed up with Adidas to reclaim the sneakers for $ 130 for the release of an all-black pair of black shoes called Top Ten High “2 TRU for Good Stay”, but it Did not cause so much excitement, some of which had released the shoes. It’s a more famous rap counterpart.

  1. Cole:

30-year-old rapper Jay Cole is considered one of the new elite rappers in the hip-hop game. He is originally from North Carolina and is currently signed with JZ’s Rock Nation Management Agency. If anyone out there suspects that J.P. If Cole is a big player in the music industry, try it for size: earlier this month, he went to New York City with his DreamWill guest star Big Sean and YG, and he completed Madison Was sold as Square Garden.

They also recently released a pair of very cool hiking shoes with the Swiss luxury brand Bailey. Jay Cole always does his own thing. Meanwhile, other rappers are carrying shoes. She has decided to release her high quality, leather shoes.

Nikki Minaj:

At this point in her career, Nikki Minaj is a female empire. Not only is his successful career successful. Rather, she has her own perfume, her own clothing line at Walmart, and she has been a judge on American Idol. And yes, he has his own pair of Air Jordan shoes.

Like his Young Money label partner Drake, Nikki teamed up with Nike to debut their own pink edition of the basketball shoe. The shoes were very clearly designed with the pink and gold color scheme. If you are familiar with how Nicki Minaj likes to dress, then you already know, that these special shoes are perfect for her.

Great Splendor:

Detroit rapper Big Sean thinks that the perpetrator of the greatness is an artist, but somehow, it does not seem that all the pieces have just fallen apart. He has signed to the Kanye West label, has made history with celebrities such as New Riviera and Ariana Grande, but has not yet had enough success to reach the elite.

However, no one will ever argue about the cool fashion sense of Big Sean. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that it has already released three different sneakers with Adidas. If he finally decides to go all out in fashion, this is a rapper whose future will be very bright.


Is It Summer Season Fashion


It doesn’t seem to be the top priority of fashion when you’re battling extreme weather conditions and mountain ranges, but you’ll need to take a look at some of the top winter sports or holiday celebrities. So to see how stylish fashion is, there can be slopes. The United States Winter Olympics team will be cut out in this year’s Ralph Lauren designer dress in Sochi, which has a red, white and blue cardigan with stars, beards and the American flag on the right breast.

At last year’s Snow Sports Industries USA trade show, participants got a glimpse of fashion, which is evident on the ski fields so far this year. This winter, skiers and snowboarders are wearing colors, prints and fun accessories. They’ve colored a lot of bold colors and bold prints in recent years, and this year the items are more slimming and less. For men, the warm colors of the season are green, especially muted, deep greens such as olive green and forest green. For women, stand-up colors include blues, green, soft gray, feminine prints and bold oranges, as well as traditional warm colors such as pink and red.

Wear a gold eye

This is the year to go to bed when it comes to wearing eyeglasses on the slopes. In the last few seasons, the white springs are bigger. However, this winter we have seen a slight reversal of this trend. Oakley has released a pair of ski goggles with gold frames for the 2013/14 season.

Slimming Pants $ 240

Year after year, even the latest ski pants are extremely comfortable. Niels, a 35-year-old Swedish company, specializes in high fashion ski and snowboard gear for women. A good choice for this season is her analyzed pants which cost 240. They are dark, mid-rise, semi-quiet and well-insulated. The waist band is flattering, and these waterproof pants look slender wearing a leg cut. Black pants can look like a boring choice but note – a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing black ski pants lately.

Statement 250:

Even if you are not wearing a helmet. A bean must be worn in the ski field. Actress Kate Hudson, who was recently spotted wearing a red and black ski dress. He topped his gaze with a bright red fleece. Paris Hilton recently wore a black beanie in Spain, decorated with a demento bow. Gatchi has a large range of wool bean and wool ski caps. Available at stores such as Neiman Marks, or Gatchi Stores, these beanies are retail for about $ 250 dollars and more and are available in many colors and patterns.

Stylish under layers – $ 300:

The New Zealand Company Ice Breaker has the best base layer technology in the world and is sold worldwide. All ice breaker range of the product is manufactured from pure New Zealand Merino wool. All clothing items are breathable, warm and naturally antibacterial (which means you can pass the day without washing it). The New York Times last November gave Icebreaker a special mention for its fashionable garments. He said, though that has nothing to do with the recent trends of functional clothing and undergarments.

Leather Chanel Gloves – $ 500:

Gloves are one of those accessories you can’t go without on the slopes, and black leather is again the most popular choice of winter 2013/14. Singer and designer Paris Hilton recently hit the slopes of Aspen, Colorado wearing black Chanel leather gloves (which sell for and $500 and up). Another timeless option is white. Check out the leather box mats from the Swedish brand Hastra (one of the world’s leading glove brands, which produced more than 2 million pairs in 2012). This mitten is a classic and easy mitten, which is perfect for skiing and costs $75.


Halloween Fashion


Red hair is very rare. In fact, only 1 to 2% of the human population is red-haired. It’s much less amazing. That being said, it’s weird that so many hot legendary characters are red. It makes you think, that there are a lot of warm red colors walking on the road all the time, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

This is because the red-haired gene is ambiguous, it is very rare for a woman to be born red-haired. That’s why some women get involved in this hair color during Halloween. Hell, even Kim Kardashian, a woman famous for her long black hair (apart from the fact that she was blonde at the time) only got a chance to be red for one night. There are many costume options when it comes to being a redhead for Halloween. Here are ten of the hottest red Halloween costumes.

John Holloway from Crazy Man

Although curves have been invented that meant before the madman, they were certainly completed by John Holloway’s portrayal of Hendrix on Medical Man. Really, this dress presents something difficult because you really have to be born with a curved watch glass to pull it off, young fire engine red hair always do with side buns. Although she wore many dresses over the years that had curved necks and short sleeves, her red dress is the most memorable. Finish it off with his signature pen necklace and balm, you’re dead. The sex of this dress is not demonstrated quickly. But if you can walk John Holloway. Walking like Tojan Holloway means, that you will be the most attractive redhead in any room.

Jerry Honeywell

Probably the hottest head of the ’90s was Jerry Honeywell, who introduced ginger as a spice to spicy girls. Although the group that has promoted the girl’s strength with signs of peace and long peaks. Since it has broken down, this dress will live on forever in one of the hottest red dresses of all time. Ginger requires a Union Jack dress to be prepared as a spice, on it is a supermini printed the Ukrainian flag. Also, a part of the dress is her signature red hair and red shoes. For those who really want to go the extra mile with the outfit, black underwear peeking out of the shortest outfits in history is also a part of this pairing.

Wilma Flintstone from Flintstone

If you’re going to dress up as a sexy cavewoman, why not make a Flintstone family sexy redhead matrix dress? The Wilma costume shows some skin because it is basically just a white cloth lubricated in the fabric. The dress has been tossed into a white pearl necklace made of large stones and red hair in Wilma’s signature bun. The dress list is not the hottest on this list, as it clashes between the sexy cavewoman and the healthy housewife but, it is definitely the hottest cavewoman, the way you can dress.

Scooby-Doo to Daphne Black

Although Daphne Blake occasionally fell victim to the girl in a world of distress. She also used make-up tools to pick up locks and help solve crimes. Sarah Michelle Geller played the role of fashion obsession in the adaptation of the movie. The black costume falls between a flight attendant and modern 60s clothing. So comes the scarcity of sexy clothing and the length of the legs. She has long sleeves, a very short purple dress, a green scarf tied around her neck, and a purple head in her red hair.


Lelo is the only hot redhead on this list, which is by the future. He is also the only servant on this list, who is not really a human being but a fifth element in the form of a perfect human being, who exists on earth to protect the earth from the “great evil”. Okay, so these are all really sci-fi related things, something you really need to know. That is, at the beginning of the film, Lelo is basically in a white stripe dress, which reveals something serious. Sure, her white top and orange look is also sexy, but the bandage dress shows up very quickly. Just add a multi-pass card and you’ll be fine.


Famous Wedding Designers in Kleinfeld


Kleinfeld is one of Manhattan’s most successful bridal salons, famous for its bridal gowns, jewelry, veils, shoes and even men’s clothing designed by many of the region’s most famous wedding dress designers. Most brides take pride in wearing the dress offered because of their distinctive design and styles of clean field.

The wide selection of wedding dresses is unique, and the best designs ensure that brides of all standards find things that suit them. The efforts of a team of top class dress designers with Kleinfeld ensure that brides and their families live up to expectations. The designers hope that the brides provided incredible moments of emotion and excitement.

Wayne Rogers and Ronnie Rothstein

Before learning about the famous dress designers working for Klein Field you should know a little bit about its history. Mara, co-owner of Klein Field, worked as a consultant with Klein Field Owners Investment Group from 1997 to 1999. She was helping them solve the company’s financial, marketing and business affairs. Her eagerness to start her career in a new field and her abilities in the field of bridal attire had attracted her to join the company. In 1999, she became a partner of Wayne Rogers and Ronnie Rothstein, co-partners of this investment group.

Kleinfeld Achievements

Interesting business style, meeting new people, embarrassing brides, dealing with your emotions in new interesting places is a great part of this business. He started making bridal dresses in various styles, because his main goal was to make every bride look beautiful. He was inspired by the traditional outfits in the museum, street fashion, and nature and exhibits available in everyday life. The goal of Kleinfeld is to create bridal dresses for each bride with some individuality and uniqueness. So that they can be given a special shape. Brief information about the team of dress designers who helped Kleinfeld achieve this goal. If you decided to become a clean field bride, then your idea is provided for.

Elevina Valenta. Clothing cost: $ 2000.

Elvina Valenta teamed up with Jessica Williams to create an unrealistic modern romantic feminine touch to her 2012 collection of bridal dresses. Her dresses include flowing silk organza, luxurious satin, airy trousers, flute sleeves and delicate lace, which not only enhance the bridal look. Rather, the wearers also express the woman. It gave a sparkle to the appearance of the bride in which her dress was adorned with fine ornaments and beautiful houses as well as embroidery and light glitter. So that they may shine and be proud. If you want them to design your bridal gown, you should be prepared to spend around $ 2000.

Augusta Jones – Clothing Price: $ 2000

Augusta Jones is one of the most famous bridal designers. Who worked long hours for Klein Field. In 1999, the Danish-born dress designer unveiled her label as ‘Augusta Jones’, which became popular in bridal outfits. Beautiful styling, affordable and flexibility in choosing shapes according to different types of users are the three main features of this clothing designer. She uses contemporary design with twists to establish her style in the sector. The cost of a traditional bridal dress is $ 1000 to $ 2000, according to Augusta Jones.

Mark Zonov. Clothing cost: $ 800,000.

The beauty and style of the bridal collection, designed by Marc Zonovino, attracted many Hollywood fashion models, including Grace Kelly, Sofia Lorraine and Audrey Hepburn. The tailored and feminine look of the form made of the bridal gown gave each bride a unique beauty, which she wore. With beautiful, sexy and glamorous looks, every bride who wore her wedding dress felt confident and calm when she was the center of attention. Marc Zonovino bridal gown costs about $ 8 billion.


Extremely Revealing Clothing in Red Carpet History


When it comes to the red carpet, all eyes are on women. Certainly, some male stars who are often seen mostly in jeans and t-shirts. Some of them may have eyebrows, how well they clean in a fitted suit and tie. However, more often than not, men get along. Women? This is a completely different story.

For female celebrities, the red carpet is a high-end walk. Whether they’re attending a red carpet event hoping to win an award, or just helping their fellow entertainment industry people, all eyes are on their gowns. The question “Who are you wearing?” The whole red carpet is made of pepper, the name of the greatest designer is dying to add a female celebrity to her custom hot capture gown. Because they know, that the charm of this red carpet will mean big sales.

Here are the most obvious garments in the history of the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez – 2000 Grammy Awards.

Jennifer Lopez wore the 2000 Grammy Awards and put it on the map, but well, it was like that. It was a year after their debut album that she was gaining popularity in the music industry, and she worked on the arm of her then boyfriend Sean Kings.

All eyes were on her, and she made her choice of dress. There were semi-sheer printed fabrics at the bottom of the dress, but the wow element came from a deep, deep-flowing V-neck. Whether you like it or hate it. You can’t ignore the fact that the costume set the media ablaze, and another costume was immediately eclipsed on the red carpet at the event.

 Rose McGowan 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

In the late 1990s, Rose McGowan was dating rocker Marilyn Manson. So it just seems appropriate, that she would like to be surprised by her choice of gown at the MTV Video Music Awards. The dress he wore can hardly be described as a dress. It is basically a cleverly woven, fully fronted front, which requires a series of strings on its back.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Iron Man 3 Premiere

Paltrow joined the premiere of Iron Man 3 in a fashion forward gown. It had a fairly conservative silhouette, which was strategically abused thanks to sheer panels around it. However, it appears that he may not have tested the dress, as he soon found out that the sheer panels revealed something more than his intent.

Blvina Curety – 2014 American Music Awards

Who exactly is Bleuna Crete? Well, she’s a singer who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, but she hasn’t turned herself into the next Beyonc. In fact, most people probably don’t even know who they are. Apparently, he decided to follow the old adage that all press is good press.

Rihanna – Council of Fashion Awards for America Awards 2014

If you’re going to show off a risky, event guard costume, a CFDA award is a much better bet than an Oscar or Academy Award. However, you will be surrounded by people in the fashion industry who are at risk when they talk about their wardrobe and do not hate to look a little out of the box. With all of this, Rehna still surprised everyone in 2014 with her outfit choice.

Jamie Alexander – Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Premiere

Jamie Alexander came wearing a long black gown. With some risk cutouts. Basically, the floor length, long sleeve black gown was cut while exposing the contamination. It has a curved part of the abdomen, shin of the hip, dryer and a lot of the whole leg. This is definitely no gown for the shy ones, and while this gown was still very amazing in its shots. We’re amazed at how she’s making sure she doesn’t show anything X-rated when she’s down the red carpet.


The Richest Celebrities with the Worst Style


The most frustrating thing to witness is that he is a famous celebrity whose style is flawed. It’s as common as it should be, despite all the easy-going stylists in Tinseltown. It is painful to see that the stars have the most glamorous and expensive pieces thrown at them for free by luxury designers, but it is quite clear that many of them are lucky Take advantage.

Often come to grips, and the paparazzi is looking for them. Worst of all now, we all have normal days when we don’t just feel like working harder in our appearance, but when you walk two or two years in life carrying more than enough cash in the bank in the eyes of the public. If you can, it just looks like you live in a cardboard box, not so many excuses. We are looking forward to seeing you at Mary Kate Austen.

Granted Fashion Or Style:

It doesn’t take much to feel really good. It’s all about sticking to your figure, color and the things that stand out in it. Style is a very personal matter, which can never be imitated in the true sense. Granted fashion or style is an artistic means of self-expression. Some of these stars are better to keep their way in your closet. All of these 11 stars can afford to pay a personal stylist for fashion advice, and possibly they are paying someone to help “professional” fashion. But it seems like it’s a waste of money because they clearly still can’t collect it.

Lindsay Lohan.

Party girl and troublemaker Lindsay Lohan has never been a fashion fan. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. It’s always weird when celebrities with zero fashion sense create a line of clothing to make a name for themselves. They’re really better than endorsing another company’s product. In 2010, pollster Kenny West told Lee’s UK magazine that Lindsay’s partnership with fashion house Ongaro was 9/11 for fashion celebrities. “After that, I thought, well, I can’t do a line now.” It hurts to think that Lindsay Lohan, now valued at an estimated ، 500,000, looks like a permanent home-like image.


A former member of Dante Cane, Abri Oday always looks dressed like she’s on a permanent spring vacation. This is not uncommon if you live in a permanently hot climate like California or sunny Florida. Oh, and if you’re a college student. The 30-year-old singer, who hasn’t sung much lately, has instead resigned to modeling on Instagram. It costs about 40 4 million. We can all agree that if a personal stylist is not hired, at least it is enough to seek fashion advice.

Cara Delevingne:

Rising supermodel Cara Delevingne has no excuse for repeated fashion Fox passes in connection with her holidays. The above is seen in a pair which makes them look like a escaped prisoner. Kara travels with the likes of world-renowned fashion designers, who have given her a very special access to a world that only the most aspiring fashionistas can dream of.

Shia Libiyev:

Apparently no one would try harder in his appearance when coming out, Shia Lebiov is a very rich man, whose style is less than that. In the past, we have been lowering the expectations of male celebs. They are usually able to avoid the pressures caused by loving women naturally.

Miley Cyrus:

For a short time after wrapping up her lead role in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus appears to be growing beautifully, with a 19-2 year old fashion style. Suddenly, with the release of her barren album in 2013, the 21-year-old loyal Miley Cyrus’ fans underwent a drastic change in fashion and lifestyle.


The Most Stylish Women In Hollywood


These are the women who make you go, “Wow!” His appearance on the red carpet is much awaited. So find out what she will wear. The paparazzi follow their every move, with the hope of any minor fashion accident which will automatically generate big headlines. Everything she wears, from formal attire to simple workouts or running outfits. This check does not end. Here is the list of the most stylish women in Hollywood.

Reese Witherspoon:

Razor Witherspoon was first introduced when she was just 15 years old when she appeared in the movie “In the Moon”. That same year, he was cast in the cable film “Wild Flower”. Freeway and “Fear” he achieved in 1998 with three consecutive films, “Overnight Supply”, “Pleasant Will” and “Twilight”. He received a Golden Globe nomination for “Election” in 1999. She then starred in both “Legally Blonde” movies and “Sweet Home Alabama”. In 2005, she starred in “Walk Offline”, which received acting awards from all major award-winning organizations.

Diane Kruger:

Diane Kruger began as a model when she was just 16 years old, participating in campaigns and shows for fashion giants such as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Chanel and Salatover Frigamo. She has since appeared in films such as “Piano Player” and “Moon Idol”. After casting in “Michelle Valentine” and “Walker Park”, Kruger appeared as Helen of Sparta in the movie “Troy”. She was also part of the “National Treasure” series of films, as well as films such as “Joyce Knoll” and “Copy Beethoven”, which were criticized for their supporting roles in the Quentin Tarantino film “Inglourious Basterds”.

Emily Blunt:

Emily Blunt began her career with a couple of British television dramas, Bodica and Henry VIII. He then starred in a dark film called “My Summer of Love”. In 2005, she received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. In “Juden’s Daughter”. He then received another Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal role in “The Shared Curtain”. Another Golden Globe was nominated for the lead role in “Young Victoria”. Then she was black. Widow in “Iron Man 2,” but scheduled conflicts prevented her from doing the role. He received another nomination for his role in “Salmon Fishing in Yemen”.

Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson first appeared in movies when she was 10 years old in “North”. He was first nominated for “Money and Love” at the age of 12. He then starred in “Horse Whisper” and “Ghost World”. She then appeared in “Girl with Pearl Bali” which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress and “Lost Translation” which earned her another Golden Globe nomination, as well as a BAFTA. Also approved for Best Lead Actress. She also appeared in the Woody Allen movies “Match Point,” “Scope” and “Vicki Christina Barcelona.” She also starred in “Iron Man 2” and “The Avengers”.

Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba made her acting debut as a child in shows such as “Camp Noah” and “Secret World of Alex Mack”. He was then cast in the popular television series “Dark Angel”, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. She has also appeared in films such as “Honey,” “Sin City,” “Fantastic Four,” “In Blue,” “Fantastic Four: The Rising Silver Surfer,” and “Good Luck Chuck.”

Charlize Theon:

Charlize Theron is a South African actress who started as a model when she was just 16 years old. She was trained to be a ballet dancer in New York, but had to stop after losing her knee. She then moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. He had earlier made brief appearances in “Children’s Corn III in the Valley” and “2 Days in the Valley” before starring in “Devil’s Advocate,” “Mighty Joe Young” and “Cider House Rules.” He then performed an award-winning performance in “Monster”. She also received nominations for her roles in “Northern Country” and “Young Adults”.


The Most Memorable Fashion


2014 was an exciting year in fashion. It was officially that year, when we saw the world of streetwear and high-end fashion completely collide. Nowadays, luxury brands like Gwenchi and Balmain are just as common on the streets as Levi’s and Converse. It was also the year where we show celebrities (both men and women) faster than ever before. Soon the moment is really “them”, and this is a trend that will most likely continue in 2015.

In 2014, we saw Nikki Minaj tweak her style a bit to look a little more sleek and beautiful on the red carpet. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, kept going crazy. As much as she wants to keep up with her wide dress and constant change in dress. Kanye West had also formally severed ties with Nike, and his new and highly anticipated shoes are set to be unveiled with Adidas in 2015. There was certainly a lot going on in the world of this style, but in the next article, we discuss some of the most memorable trends that celebrities shook in 2014.

Above Nadha Midris / Crops:

This is a trend we’ve been seeing all year, including a lot of pop starlets and female rappers. Such as: Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Iggy Ezelia, Egelia Bank, Nicki Minaj and many more. When you’re a celebrity, your job is to look good, and these women have definitely spent a lot of time hitting the gym. So that their middle parts seemed very tones. We think this is a trend, which will definitely continue until 2015.

Designer ski mask:

This is a trend that is very popular with rappers. In 2014, we saw images like Winnie the Pooh and Red Cafe, who were wearing ski masks with Chanel logos and other high fashion branding. Other artists who have tried this art in the past are Beyonc and Justin Bieber. This is the famous scene of chaos there and everyone is trying to do different things. To stand out and be different, but the trend of ski masks is certainly not at the top of our book.

Torn / holly jeans:

Denim is one of those fashion staples, which always lasts. Regardless of the weather. Surprisingly, this season we also saw the return of the epic “Denim on Denim” line, also known as Canada’s Tuxedo. A denim trend that made a comeback in 2014, she had torn / holly jeans. We’ve seen them on everyone: Kim Kardashian, Kenny West, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and it looks like that style will only get stronger in 2015.

Smokey Bear Hats:

We love Friel and we think her song “Happy” was one of the best songs of the year. Here we are bombarded every day. There’s a lot of negative and bad news coming out of it and this song was such a big escape. Another reason Friel was unforgettable was his famous Smoky the Beer / Arby’s Hat. This hat should definitely be put in the 2014 capsule. So that future generations can be discovered and appreciated.

Mushroom Haircut:

North Korea has been in the news recently for allegedly hacking Sony in retaliation for the Hollywood movie The Interview. A lot can be said about the North Korean leader, but we will limit our comments to his tough, mushroom-style haircut. We never thought anyone would imitate her haircut, but actor Robert Pattinson proved us wrong and unveiled the haircut shown in 2014 above.

Strange Neck Scarf:

Scarves are essential equipment to survive the cold weather. At the 2014 Fashion Show in Europe, Kenny West certainly showed the world, that he is not afraid to find different ways to tie a scarf to look extra stylish and unique. What happened to just wrapping the scarf and wrapping the neck around the neck and saying it one day? For Kenny West, everything always has to take some traces.


Stunningly Stunning Fashion Icons


It’s just like a fingerprint, each individual has his own style. Now whether they have the resources or the attention to dedicate themselves to developing their individuality or signature form is another story, but the people on this list have done just that and in some cases the idea of ​​being “original” To the extent taken. These sixteen celebrities have drawn their own power in the world of fashion, which will probably never be forgotten. These are the celebrities with the strangest sense of fashion on this side of Oz.


This up and coming rapper is funny colorful. At 32 years old and from the outskirts of Houston, Texas, “Neon Icon” constantly names his songs after designers such as Domis & Gabbana, Versace, etc. Boom BBS. Her clothes and accessories are colorful and off the wall and make the experience a bit psychedelic.

Andre 3000:

This kind of gentleman is very rare. The 1930s saw him strolling with a hat and a cane. Make some changes to the barbershop quartet uniforms suspended and bow slaves, and you’ve got the Andre 3000. There is no doubt in her love of 30s fashion, that she has played a huge role in the creation of Ellie Wilde, but the reason is even more so. Andre’s clothing line release, serious effort, Benjamin Bixby. If you’re a fan of casual dresses, then take a stroll to your nearest retailer and get ready to join the very few who appreciate 1930s style. At least you will stand up.

Russell Brand:

Say what you want about Russell Brand’s philosophy, but the man is styled like the prince of Bohemia.

Best, beaded beads, long hair, bell-bottom, shoes, and top hats. When the brand appears, it’s hard to decide whether to laugh or to leave all your worldly possessions and follow him into the desert. Buying a bohemian is a good idea right now, and the brand occasionally throws curve hair at something that makes sense. You have to pause for a moment, give up your decision about it, and take it seriously.

Nicki Minaj:

In just a few years, Minaj has topped the women’s rap game, and some people think it’s one of the most influential female rappers ever. However, her fashion personality resembles that of a man who has so far only emerged from the Willie Wonka Gamble machine. She proudly dances in brightly colored make-up, technical colored dresses and wigs, and in a good mood. Minaj’s bold outfit is a shot of his “changed example”, which he developed in his childhood to deal with the stressful domestic life, whatever works.

Elton John:

Speaking of flirtation, Elton John has long been called the forerunner of the Out and Pride set, and he is a pillar of AIDS activity. She has known for her extremely carefree performance costumes (such as giant feather dresses, sequin jumpsuits, etc.) and she admits that her bold stage dress was a way to be free after childhood restrictions. A lot of people’s style is a reaction to their childhood, whether peaceful or scary.


The velvet-sounding King of Rock and Roll wore a relatively conservative dress when he was young, but eventually, his reputation was established, and King began to dress like a ninja covered in sequins. Her highly cooled rhinestone and sequined jumpsuit is a trademark of her heritage and is truly based on traditional martial arts uniforms. Because Elvis was introduced to the military after practicing karate for the best part of his life. Although her legacy has been somewhat tarnished by her deterioration towards the end of her career, Elvis’s style is one of the most unique in the history of music.