Pak Street Children football team 3rd position in World Cup 2014

Pak Street Children football team lauded for bagging 3rd position in World Cup

ISLAMABAD, May 22 (Online): International Police Association (Pakistan Chapter) has appreciated the Pakistan Children Football team which brought glory for the country by winning bronze model in the Street Child Football World Cup 2014.

A ceremony was organized in the honor of players of Pakistan Street Children Football team by International Police Association (IPA, Pakistan
Chapter) in collaboration with SPARC (Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child).Pak Street Children football team 3rd position in World Cup 2014

The ceremony was attended among others by President
IPA Shoaib Suddle, AIG (Operations) Islamabad Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri, former IGPs, representatives of SPARC, Azad Foundation, Muslim Hand, Chamber of Commerce, Bar Associations, media, members of civil society and officials of Pakistan Bait ul Mal.

An enthusiastic ovation was awarded to the players of Pakistan Street Children Football team who won laurels for the country. Executive Director
SPARC, Sabeen Mohsin said the team has achieved great success and efforts of players are greatly appreciable in bagging third position.

Highlighting the achievements of the SPARC, she said that it is the organization which has been working for the welfare of street children and endeavoring to resolve their problems. She said drop centers have been set up in various cities to take care of those children who leave their house.

She said that their proper upbringing is ensured there to make them respectable citizens.

Capitan of the Pakistan Street Children Football team, Awais said that Azad Foundation has given us identity as we used to roam in streets. He thanked
IPA for hosting this ceremony and said “we feel envious to win the bronze medal for the country and are also grateful to nation for giving us great

Dr. Shoaib Suddle said the purpose of holding this ceremony is to encourage the players. He stressed to ensure coordinated efforts by all members of
society for welfare, education and protection of street children.

He said that social welfare organization should promote sports by ensuring participation of street children so that they can get the status of respectful citizens.

President IPA (Pakistan Chapter) Shoaib Suddle said there are around 1.5 million street children in the country and it is our responsibility to ensure equal rights for them like a common citizen. He said that IPA is an association of police officers working for the rights of children in all over the world.

Later, President IPA distributed shields and other prizes among the team players and coach. All players thanked IPA for hosting this graceful ceremony.

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