Pakistan formally becomes Associate Member of CERN

Pakistan formally becomes Associate Member of CERN

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (Online): Pakistan has formally become Associate Member of the prestigious European organization for nuclear research, CERN.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed by Director-General CERN Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer and Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Ansar Parvez here on Friday.
Pakistan formally becomes Associate Member of CERN
The ceremony was attended, among others, by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

PK formally becomes – Associate Member of CERN

Speaking on the occasion, the (Prime Minister) described it as the landmark moment in the development of science in Pakistan.

He thanked Director-General CERN for recognizing efforts, hard work and capabilities of scientists, engineers and technicians of PAEC and for allowing Pakistan to become part of the unique and leading institution of scientific research.

The Prime Minister said it is testimony of the fact that whenever provided an opportunity, people of Pakistan are capable of standing upto any international standard.

Nawaz Sharif – reminded the scientific community of Pakistan that Associate Membership of CERN is not a goal but a means to pursue, acquire and achieve scientific and engineering knowledge and expertise. Our people must use this opportunity to interact closely with international community and bring back ideas and expertise and raise scientific and technological level of the country.

The Prime Minister said the membership also provides an opportunity to our industrialists and businessmen and companies can now participate in construction and engineering work carried out at CERN.

The Prime Minister said his Government is committed to well being and prosperity of the people.  Pakistan is facing many challenges and we have to work hard to eradicate poverty from the country and raise living standards of the people. He said this objective can be achieved only through education and advancement in science and technology.

He expressed the confidence that relationship between Pakistan and CERN would open new avenues for our youth in science and engineering and they can now benefit from state of the art expertise available at CERN.

The Prime Minister directed Chairman PAEC to work closely with High Education Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology to develop a comprehensive programme so that our youth can derive maximum benefit out of this opportunity.

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