ECCO Brand in Moscow

The Danish shoe brand ECCO is positioned in the market as the only company in the world, which is engaged in all stages of footwear production, starting with the process of raising animals. When the founder Carlyle brand opened its first store in Denmark to first customers, this shoe was introduced to return in 1960.… Read More »

Vitacci, High-Quality Footwear for Fashionistas

Introduction: Today, there are many manufacturers of shoes. Among them is Vitacci. Brand shoes are distinguished by their elegance, beauty, and extravagance. Here you will find not only chic shoes with heels, but also summer sandals, a variety of handbags, socks, and vitacci shoes perfectly complement the image. Brand Story: Vitacci – shoes of Russian,… Read More »

What Jeans We Choose, To Wear Denim Shorts.

Denim shorts: A casual thing because of the versatility of style, color, and style, this casual dress holds strong leadership in the arms of a fashionista in the summer things. They can be matched to any style of varying lengths and widths, but what jeans denim shorts to wear? What jeans to wear denim shorts,… Read More »

How to Keep Up With School Dress and Fashion?

Introduction: According to the “Education” Act, from September 1 to 2013 all high school students are required to attend classes in school uniform standard patterns. In this regard, the question arises “how to wear to school?” How to wear to school? How to dress, which will make its color, style, and type of self, that… Read More »

Stylish Modelka for a Slim Figure.

Introduction: Skinny jeans have tight models, tight-fitting shapes. In recent years, they are very popular and have not been out of fashion for many years already in a row. Women like their practicality, as well as a style, because it allows emphasizing your dignity because of the slender legs, visually lengthen them. By the way,… Read More »

Shoes “Marco Tozzi” – This German Standard.

Introduction: The shoe company “Marco Tozzi” is known all over the world today. Glad to buy a resident of Russia. After all, a distinctive feature of the models of this brand – combined with a sleek design, which is very important for comfort and maximum comfort women’s feet. Shoes “Marco Tozzi” About the company, A… Read More »

Fashion Men’s Jacket: Style, Color, Material

Introduction: The modern stylish man should have a few coats and light windbreakers in different styles in his wardrobe. These men’s fashion jackets allow you to create a variety of images to look confident and flawless in all situations. From the classic to the military season 2013 new collections are men on the court wide… Read More »

Great Principles about Fashion to Learn.

Fashion Tips: We are clear that everyone seeks this fashion, which he likes and there, there is nothing we can do. But on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt, that we even know some of them.  Rules about fashion. Then it will be in our hands, whether we put them into practice or not, but… Read More »

New Fashion Look

Their appearance in the world style “new look” is due to the meter of high fashion. Christian Dior, who more than half a century ago offered beautiful, romantic outfits to women. According to the fashion designer, clothing “new look” should make a woman a mystery. While it is beneficial to emphasize the visible bliss. A… Read More »