US meddling in Pakistan’s politics, says Imran Khan

US meddling in Pakistan's politics, says Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, AUG 21 (ONLINE): In round two of his diatribe on Thursday, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan warned the United States government against interfering with Pakistan’s internal politics and said it should withdraw its statements regarding the ongoing political crisis.

Imran, however, said the government is a “servant of the US” that “polishes the shoes of the Americans”.

US meddling in Pakistan's politics, says Imran Khan

He said that he is familiar with the workings of the American and British democratic systems and said that the US would never accept a rigged election.

“If an election took place in the US and a Congressman said that a majority of the votes could not be verified, wouldn't that constitute a full blown enquiry in America?” he asked.

Imran appealed to US ambassador Richard Olsen to convey his message to the State Department, and asled “if Pakistanis are children of a lesser god”.

“Why one law for us and another for you? Why are our democracies different?”

Urging Olsen to take back the statements of the US government, Imran said Nawaz is hiding behind the army and the US to protect his rigged election.

 Imran Khan blasted the government, resorting to curses and threats while calling for a nation-wide protest.

The PTI Chairman called on his supporters to expand the civil disobedience movement into all the provinces.

Imran threatened both the interior secretary and newly appointed IG Islamabad, warning that they should not think they would be spared.

Imran said he would personally take the new IG of Islamabad to jail if any of his supporters were hurt.

“In my passion, I may punch you!” the PTI Chairman said, adding that he would stay in the Red Zone, “for as long as I live”.

“It is our democratic right to protest…we are not breaking any laws. I request the Supreme Court to have these containers removed so that life can return to normal,” Imran pleaded.

The PTI Chairman also reiterated many points from previous speeches, including his principle demand: that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has to resign.

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